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Easy Access. Faster Answers™

With the Pegasus Sample Access Platform, you can easily specify, price and populate your research study with qualified survey respondents. Our second generation platform, provides real-time access to high quality, richly profiled respondents who match your exacting criteria. You are in control. Save your company time and money while you put your feet up and watch the survey responses fly in.

Not all platforms are designed with You in mind. No more clunky interface and lost productivity. Just sign-in and go.

Faster Answers come with using Pegasus. Recruiting for your market research study can be cumbersome, time consuming and frustrating. Pegasus will deliver projects results 10 – 20% faster than the tradition way of procuring sample.

The Power of Pegasus

Pegasus deliver faster answers from Consumer audiences. Manage even the most complex projects from start to finish all within one powerful platform. All from one convenient, centralized dashboard. A seamless process that increases efficiency and provides cost savings.

Key Features & Benefits of Pegasus

  • Flexible sourcing of vendors
  • Transparency into panel
  • Deeper profiling and targeting of survey respondents
  • Earn an instant rebate with Pegasus Perks
  • Quota controls
  • Compatibility with survey authoring tools
  • Project management of vendors
  • Detailed reporting
  • No infrastructure or platform costs

Get Perks…Simply. Sensational. Sampling.

Pegasus Perks™ is our latest innovation allowing clients to earn an instant rebate for buying audience sample via Pegasus.

As clients use Pegasus to buy audience sample, the amount spent accrues monthly, giving clients the opportunity to achieve Perks reward tiers.

Each new tier increases the percentage of instant rebate rewards received in Pegasus

At the end of every month, the company automatically reduces client’s monthly invoice using the Perks earned in prior months.

Q&A Discussion on Pegasus

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