B2B Panel for the Market Research Industry.

B2B market research can be challenging and complex to execute.

All too often, researchers are scrambling to find reliable sources that yield quality results. Unfortunately, the online research space has become a lucrative target for fraudulent behavior, and high-paying B2B studies are at the top of the list! The Innovate team has extensive experience with screening and validating a wide variety of B2B and IT audiences. Our unique approach helps us to deliver high quality business samples that you can rely on.

Why is our B2B Panel better?

  • We employ a multi-pronged approach to quality with over thirty technological checks designed to test authenticity.
  • Our screening utilizes Microsoft taxonomy;the standardized approach to B2B classification.
  • We use third-party sources such as Linkedin to help validate the information our panelists share.
  • We capture phone number and perform outbound caller verification.
  • We utilize custom-designed B2B red-herring questions to help test authenticity and expertise.
  • We have developed an algorithmic approach that looks at various behaviors, previous responses and external sources. This solution delivers a “Biz Score” and helps our team assess ongoing quality.

What audiences do we recruit?

  • Executive-level DMs
  • Mid-level managers
  • Small business owners
  • HR DM’s
  • Marketing DM’s
  • Realtors
  • Engineers/Architects
  • IT DM’s
  • Product development
  • Programmers
  • Software developers
  • Web designers

What do we ask our B2B Panel?

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Country
  • Primary language
  • State
  • DOB
  • Gender
  • Email
  • ZIP code
  • Household income
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Industry
  • Department
  • Job function
  • Specific job title
  • Level in organization
  • Number of employees that report to you
  • Annual budget you control
  • Role, as it relates to IT-related objects and goals
  • Influence in decision-making
  • Final decision-making authority
  • Primary work location
  • Type of organization
  • International offices
  • Organizational revenue
  • Number of total employees
  • Number of computers
  • Company name

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