Premium Respondents for the Market Research Industry

All Panels are Not Created Equal

Having invented modern online panel building and sampling, Innovate utilizes a wide range of recruitment sources to blend diverse samples and ensure consistency. In addition, Innovate marries strict panel registration and survey participation rules and controls to create the highest quality panel ever seen in the industry.

How Does This Benefit You?

  • Greater scope and feasibility of finding your ideal audience
  • Healthier response rate
  • Wider and more diverse reach of respondents
  • More stable and replicable sample frames (for tracking studies)
  • Less weighting of sample after fielding
  • Greater representation across demographic and geographic targets
  • Our approach mitigates learning effects and professional panelist behaviors

Quality = Art + Science

Innovate combines the art of an experienced team and the science of technology solutions to produce the highest quality online research panels.

  • Respondent registration screening to thwart fraud
  • Survey participation assessment
  • Panelist scoring methodology to catch bad behavior

Unique Sourcing

Innovate blends unique online, offline as well as TV recruitment sources to generate a unique and diverse panel.

  • Traditional online recruitment sources are ‘over-tapped’ due to the growing number of panels in the marketplace today.
  • Over-usage has serious implications such as producing over-zealous behaviors (measured in high brand awareness, usage and favorability scores).
  • Innovate enjoys much higher rates of uniqueness and quality due to our blended recruitment strategy. Our approach leverages exclusive relationships with online publishers as well as phone-verified offline samples procured from our nation-wide Television advertising.
  • We’ve engineered a panel experience like no other. Our panelists are engaged and rewarded properly.
  • Innovate’s audience represents a wide spectrum of sample groups, inclusive of B2B as well as a host of various consumer samples.

B2B Expertise

The Market Research Industry needs more choices for B2B sample. Innovate delivers.

Why is our B2B First Class Panel better?

  • We employ a multi-pronged approach to quality with over thirty technological checks designed to test authenticity.
  • Our screening utilizes Microsoft taxonomy; the standardized approach to B2B classification.
  • We use third-party sources such as Linkedin to help validate the information our panelists share.
  • We capture phone number and perform outbound caller verification.
  • We utilize custom-designed B2B red-herring questions to help test authenticity and expertise.
  • We have developed an algorithmic approach that looks at various behaviors, previous responses and external sources. This solution delivers a “Biz Score” and helps our team
    assess ongoing quality.

Innovate Panelists are…

Engaged + Motivated + rewarded = Higher Satisfaction + Longer Tenure

Today’s savvy respondents expect a higher-level survey experience.

Innovate engages and retains respondents with a comprehensive approach which benefits participants at all stages of the process – even those who don’t complete the survey.

1999-2015 Panelist Experience

The Current Research Experience

The Panelist Experience of the (Near) Future

The Modern Research Experience

There’s a Method to This Madness

To achieve the highest quality, most representative sample, we employ a wide array of sampling methods, each with its own strengths. Depending on the complexity of your survey, various methods may be utilized to reach your target audience in the time frame desired.


While response rates continue to decline across the industry, smart email targeting is an important part of any sampling plan.


Engaging consumers when they log in to a panel website enables real-time demographic/geographic targeting of people for your surveys.


River presents an opportunity to broaden our reach to consumers who don’t typically join online research panels.


More than 50% of Internet traffic is happening on mobile devices. Being able to detect device type allows for unique targeting of consumers.


Simplify the process of project setup and procurement of buying sample by connecting your servers to our sampling system.


Hard-to-reach audiences are a challenge for most online sampling firms. Finding audiences offline offers access and quality not available online.

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