Building a Great Panel Starts with High Quality Recruitment Sources

InnovateWW is a first of its kind Digital Ad Group, providing full-service online traffic generation for the Market Research Industry, and lucrative revenue opportunities for Premium Online Publishers.

Audience Recruitment for Building Online or Mobile Panels and Communities.

Innovate has a wide network of sources that are available to help you find the right people to join your panel. Whether it’s for short-term qualitative communities or long-term quantitative panel web sites, we can customize a solution to your needs.

With deep roots in both the market research and online casual game industries, we have a unique blend of relationships and reach that goes beyond what other recruitment sources can offer.

Revenue Opportunity for our Publisher Partners

As early pioneers in digital online marketing, our founders helped bring Online Surveys for Rewards to the masses. Over time, trusted-relationships and successful-partnerships were formed that now give us exclusive access to unique campaigns we can bring to our Publisher Partners. Additionally, we source traffic for our own proprietary survey websites and campaigns.

Ad Pricing and Campaign Types

Each campaign we run is unique, so send us your request and we’ll assess the time, feasibility and costs. Costs models could include:

  • Cost per Registration
  • Cost per App Install
  • Cost for Duration Milestones
  • Rewards to Motivate Longevity
  • Per Survey Complete fees

We can work with you to determine the best cost model and approach for your project, ensuring we match the right resources to your needs.

Outside-The-Box is Welcome

Our focus remains on Market Research, however from time-to-time we will have complimentary pocket campaigns in categories complimentary to Online Surveys. This offers an opportunity to connect and build relationships on past successes for both parties.

If you’re a potential Ad or Publishing partner, please contact us directly for more information. You can learn more about Innovate and our and our one of a kind approach to the industry here as well.

Reach us anytime including nights and weekends.

Call US (+1) 888-229-6664 | UK (+44) 020-8068-7070 or send us an email.

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