Innovate Announces Major Enhancements to Sample Supplier API Suite


LOS ANGELES, January 31, 2017 – Innovate (www.InnovateMR.com), a global leader in audience sampling, has released a newly enhanced Supplier API Suite.

Innovate’s SAS platform is an application programming interface that seamlessly connects supplier sample to Innovate’s internal sampling system.  For market research agencies, this development will help clients gain greater access to hard-to-reach global audiences and reduces the need to use multiple sampling vendors.

For suppliers, the platform boasts higher than industry average EPC (earnings per click) and survey conversion rates. The company recently launched a Dynamic Profiling Technology which increases the depth and breadth of targeted information captured on panelists and supplier traffic. This high-conversion technology, along with the firm’s extensive portfolio of client-direct surveys, is generating significant revenue for Innovate’s existing supplier base. The company will be expanding its API-enabled network both domestically and internationally among an exclusive mix of online publishers and sample suppliers.

Innovate Co-founder and Managing Director, Matt Dusig, said, “Our team has been in the online sampling industry since its inception. Having created the first publisher network for the sampling industry back in 2000, we have extensive experience in the area of supplier conversion married with panelists’ user experience. Our goal has always been to create a mutually beneficial relationship for both our clients and our sample partners.”  Dusig continued, “As online market research has matured, the relationship between clients and suppliers has become imbalanced, as seen by dwindling publisher earnings and abysmal conversion rates. The loser in this equation is primarily the panelists who take surveys and don’t get rewarded commensurate to their time. Innovate’s Dynamic Profiling Technology and API Suite are designed to combat these issues.”
The company has invested heavily into R&D, which closely evaluated the delta between client survey inventory and supplier traffic conversion. Added Dusig, “The key to a successful supplier API relationship is an unrelenting focus on user experience, quality and conversion, for our clients and our suppliers. My business partners and I have always held the belief that technology creates efficiencies and these efficiencies need to be shared among all the contributors to our business.”

Over the last 12 months, the firm has made significant investments in technology, personnel and marketing, adding hundreds of clients to its portfolio. The firm recently recorded triple-digit growth, with a team of over 50 employees globally, and will be releasing a new, innovative DIY sample purchasing platform in the coming months.  This platform, in conjunction with this new suite of supplier APIs, is expected to generate unprecedented revenues for global web publishers as well as give clients independent access to best-in-class, high quality sample.

Real People. Quality Data.TM Innovate is a global online sampling technology firm, generating high-quality data from engaged panelists. Founded by Matt Dusig, Gregg Lavin and George Llorens, Innovate provides 24/7 client service to thousands of market researchers around the world. Innovate pioneered Human-Powered SamplingTM which promotes responsive communication for client satisfaction and created the First Class PanelTM – a heavily screened, profiled and engaged audience of survey respondents. Innovate has developed a suite of API-technology which aims to create unrivaled efficiencies and reintroduce balance to the research eco-system.

Interested in learning more about the firm’s philosophy and expertise in sample quality? Check out Innovate’s recent webinar, “Everyone Cares About Quality, But Not Everyone Values It!”