Participant Engagement Initiative Presentation at ILC


Improving the research participant experience has been one of the most important goals we’ve set as a company. That’s why I’m proud to be part of GRBN’s Participant Engagement Initiative, Research on Research, led by Andrew Cannon.

ILC logo.pngWe’re preparing a handbook that provides industry standards to protect and improve the experience of participants, while ensuring the quality of the data being collected. And I’m excited to be presenting on this initiative with fellow participants who worked on the drafting of a plan around the online survey user experience, including Bob Graff (MarketVision), Peter Cape (SSI), and Richard Goosey (Kantar Health).

We’ll be presenting our findings and the results of the stiil in-progress handbook at the Insights Association Leadership Conference in Palm Beach this week.

If you are attending, I’d love to connect and discuss the initiative further. And if you’re interested in becoming part of the process and the initiative around improving participant engagement experience, send me a message. This is an incredibly important initiative that needs the support and attention of the industry to ensure its successful impact on processes for years to come.