Presenting Research-on-Research at the Insights Leadership Conference


Last week, I had the honor of attending the Insights Leadership Conference in Palm Beach, Florida, and participated in a panel discussing the findings from the Participant Engagement Initiative research-on-research. Spearheaded by Andrew Cannon from GRBN, the research-on-research focuses on how brands can improve relationships with constituents and improve the overall user experience to ensure quality in research.

I joined Gabe Dworet (Critical Mix), Katrina Noelle (KNow Research), Kerry Labsuir Hecht (Echo Qualitative Project Support), and Andrew Cannon (GRBN) on stage for the presentation.

Ensuring Quality in the Participant Experience

The role of the research-on-research project was to highlight the growing issues in research quality due to, at times, poor user experience. We presented several key takeaways for how brands can address those concerns, improve experience quality, and build better long-term relationships.

These takeaways included:

  • How to become a partner of the Participant Engagement Initiative and have a voice in the continued efforts of the project.
  • Use the upcoming ENGAGE handbook that was produced as a result of the initiative.
  • Assign someone within the organization to oversee participant engagement.
  • Change the nature of research, recognizing it as a touch point with people who engage with the brand.

All of this leads to the upcoming release of the ENGAGE handbook, which will be available on October 16th.

Webinar: Addressing Participant Engagement

In addition to the presentation at ILC, the Insights Association is coordinating with GRBN to produce a webinar on October 24, featuring last week’s panelists, including myself. The webinar will take place at 2PM EDT on the 24th and offer an opportunity to explore some of the above ideas and concepts in a live setting.

You can register here to attend.