SampleCon 2020 Session: The Impact of Incentives on Participant Engagement and Data Quality


Participant engagement is the keystone of market research and utilizing the right incentive structure can impact the efficiency and accuracy of your data collection efforts. Beyond a simple economic exchange, incentives help signal the value of participation and promote a truly symbiotic bond between respondent and researcher.

As client timelines and budgets become more constricted, optimizing participant incentives becomes an imperative to drive the growth of our industry. In order to better understand and evaluate potential solutions, InnovateMR recently partnered with GRBN’s Andrew Cannon to explore the impact of incentives on participant engagement and data quality. Study partnership with Echo MR and Tangocard allowed for comparison between a panel as well as a real-time intercept environment using social media testing a variety of incentive methods. Specifically, we wanted to understand:

  1. What impact does doubling the financial reward have?
  2. What impact does paying no incentives have?
  3. What impact do sweepstakes and charity donations have?
  4. What impact does giving a great UX have?

Andrew Cannon will be presenting the key findings from our research at SampleCon in Atlanta. SampleCon is focused on providing a collaborative environment to share perspectives on industry issues, challenges, trends and most importantly, successes at a global level. The presentation will be followed by an expert panel discussion featuring Innovate’s Chief Research Officer Lisa Wilding-Brown, Kerry Hecht from Echo MR, and Scotty Greenburg from Tangocard.

Join us in Atlanta at SampleCon 2020 on February 5, 2020 at 10:00 AM as we discuss key findings and implications of the research for our sector.