Webinar Recording: The Top Shelf Experience: An Innovative Twist on an Old Fashioned


In a recent webinar, we explored the perfect “mix” of leading-edge practices to bring your client service and internal research operations team to the next level. We shared our effective methods to create, evaluate, and educate your staff. 

Amanda Keller Grill, VP of Global Service and Product and Brittany Nelson, AVP of Global Bid Management & Sampling explored leading-edge methods to create, evaluate, and educate teams. 

Amanda Keller Grill

Amanda Keller-Grill
Vice President
Global Client Service & Product

  Brittany Nelson

Brittany Nelson
Associate Vice President
Global Bid Management & Sampling


Don’t settle for well when you can reach for the top shelf! The webinar addressed:

Creating the foundation for all new hires.

The webinar provides key recommendations on how to recruit and engage candidates; ensuring that new hires are a perfect fit for your company’s corporate culture and expected client service levels.

Evaluating your team’s comprehension.

Learn how to develop a program that accurately quantifies performance and identifies opportunities for further improvement and growth.

Continued education & certification.

Explore new methods for training and personal development which generate ROI for your company and improved retention among your team.

Consistency is paramount in effective client delivery.

Learn about new techniques that you can leverage which will generate improved consistency and best-in-class service for your clients.