Webinar: Under the Hood of a Sampling Company


See how a sampling company works, from behind the scenes. Matt Dusig, Co-Founder of Innovate, pulls down the veil of secrecy to provide real clarity and transparency into the sampling industry, with an inside look at EDGE, Innovate’s sampling platform. Watch Matt explain why this, the 7th sampling platform he’s built since 1999, is the best ever.
Matt Dusig, Co-founder of Innovate will provide an behind-the-scenes look at how a sampling company really works. The webinar will address:

  1. Behind the Scenes Look at Innovate EDGE – A first hand look at the most intuitive, most powerful sampling system in the world, and its approach to project management, sample management, quota management, panel and panelist reward management, and much more.
  2. How to Build a Great Panel, Interview with Lisa Wilding-Brown – A discussion with Lisa focusing on the role of user engagement, site design, social media engagement, and the technology needed to prevent fraud when building a panel.
  3. Demonstration of PointClub, Innovate’s world-class panel site – See how Innovate’s PointClub Panel ensures high quality, relevant respondents to match research needs. With compelling rewards and global options, and a survey matching algorithm to ensure optimal targeting, learn how PointClub meets Innovate customer needs.