Trusted Platform for Targeted Sampling & Data Collection

With Innovate, you get faster answers. With the broadest reach, our ability to produce better quality respondents is unmatched. You have access to the world's largest community of real people ready to share answers, opinions, behaviors, profiles, and more.
sampling and data collection
  • Self-serve access to our panels and robust tools to engage
  • Greater scope and feasibility of finding your ideal audience
  • Healthier response rate
  • Wider and more diverse reach of respondents
  • More stable and replicable sample frames (for tracking studies)
  • Greater representation across demographic and geographic targets
  • Mitigation of negative panelist behaviors


Our team is highly experienced and excels in sampling for both B2B to consumer research. With an average of 10 years’ experience, our veterans come to us from some of the most prestigious market research firms.

Reliable, Engaged Respondents

Survey respondents are a limited resource and the core of any successful research project. To keep audiences interested, engaged and honest, we make the experience positive and fun. That includes offering the right incentives when panelists qualify. Engaged and satisfied members result in higher quality data and more valuable insights.

Rigorous Sample Quality Controls

Our commitment to quality means extensive screening and validation to filter out bad responses and profiling across a wide variety of data points specific to location and niche.

Powerful Self-Serve Platform

Pegasus, our self-serve platform delivers data faster and more cost-effectively. Get faster answers at a lower cost.

Targeted, Quality Panels

Innovate serves market research agencies in reaching their desired online audiences. Matching profiles and demographics to deliver the desired audiences, our data mapping collects thousands of data points. At Innovate, the ability to target specific members of our panel on demand and the ability to deliver reliable responses and shorter project times are the foundations of our business.
Real People. Quality Data. Faster Answers.TM