Platform FAQ’s

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The InnovateMR Platform is your gateway to view, create and manage your sampling projects with Innovate.  It provides access to our Self Service, Do-It-Yourself sampling tool that was launched in 2018 by InnovateMR and our brand new Managed Service dashboard that showcases your projects run with our project management team.

Using our Self Service offering, you can easily specify, price and populate your research study with qualified survey respondents from Innovate’s proprietary panel PointClub. This second-generation platform provides real-time access to high quality, richly profiled respondents who match your exacting criteria.

There are zero platform fees to use our Platform!  Simply login, view your projects and pay for only the completed survey responses for our DIY sampling service.

Go to click Platform. Simply Try for Free and follow the prompts to add your Name, Company Email and a password to gain instant access.

Once registered successfully, you will receive an automated email with your login credentials.

Simply go to Login and select Forgot Password.

You are in control. Log into your account and click on the Access tab down the left-hand side. Click add new member. Add the details of the new member and give them appropriate access.

Self Service FAQ

Our Self-Service currently supports projects in the US, UK, India, Canada, Italy, France and Germany. For any additional countries, please contact your sales representative. The countries not listed in can swiftly be serviced through our dedicated managed service teams that are available for 24/7/365 as Innovate has sample in over 45+ countries.

Yes, you can either copy the entire project or create a new project and import the desired group. To import, simply type the group name/number or keywords and the targets can be copied over on the targeting tab.  Any existing targets or quotas will be replaced with the copied one.

 Yes, you can copy the entire group including targets, quotas, project fielding metrics, and survey URL to a new group.  You only need to reset your Max CPI. If the survey URL is the same as a previously tested group, you can launch your new group immediately without retesting. 

Yes, you can set quotas based on starts.  You can access this feature when you setup a new quota.

Yes, we allow up to 3 nested targets at once.  You can setup as many quotas as desired.

Yes, by unchecking the Hard Stop box.

Go to the targeting tab and select More Options.  Select census representation and choose the attributes you are interested in.  The system will then setup the target and quotas automatically for you.

At both the project and group level there is a settings tab you can roll over.  Within there you will see a download button where you can select the respondent status’s you would like.  Once selected, automated file will be downloaded for you.

Yes, you can modify your target at any time.  To modify, click on the Sampling tab, and then click the hyperlink text for the target name and modify the target as desired.  Or remove the target completely by using the trash can icon.

Use the token variable “tk” for variable pass-back. You will always need to add [%%token%%] in the survey URL to enable the system to pass the unique value for each respondent. Example:[%%token%%]

Yes, you can pass Age, Gender, and Region of the panelists real-time in your survey URL. To pass this data, you just need to add variables to capture it. For example, to pass Age add “age=[%%AGE%%]”, for Gender add “gender=[%%GENDER%%]”, and for region add “region=[%%REGION%%]” to your survey URL.


We have full compatibility with all existing survey designing tools (SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, Qualtrics, Confirmit to name a few). There is no restriction. If you have any issues or confusion, please reach out to us at:

Yes. First add your sample partner on Suppliers tab from your home screen. Then once you are in your project, Click Sampling – Supply Partners to add your own partner. Once added you will get the Partner Live & Test URL’s to share with them to enable testing and live sample deployment. Their fielding metrics will be visible on Group Stats tab also.

Go to the Confirm Completes tab within any group of your project, select the group(s) and if all completes are accepted, simply press the confirm completes button and all completes will be considered valid.  If there are some completes you need to remove, you can upload all the accepted completes in a .csv format file with just token values. Once uploaded, we will invalidate the IDs not included. To see your valid counts, go to the job navigation rollover and choose verified stats.

No, you cannot re-open a closed project.  However, you can copy it and run the same project again. Everything except Max CPI gets copied over from your original project.

Max CPI ensures you never go over your budget.  Setting Max CPI ensures that survey respondent traffic will pause when this amount is reached and you will receive an email alert asking whether you want to raise your Max CPI and resume traffic.

Completes / (Completes + Post-Platform terms + Post-Platform Overquotas)

Yes, we use trimmed Average LOI for pricing calculations, although we also display median LOI.  The system trims the lowest & highest outliers (+/- 3%) when calculating Average LOI.

We are currently building this feature. In the meantime, our support team can help you run a recontact. Please email for guidance.

Perks™ allows you to earn an instant rebate for buying audience sample via Self Service. As you use Self Service to buy audience sample, the amount spent accrues monthly, giving you the opportunity to achieve Perks reward tiers. Each new tier increases the percentage of instant rebates received. At the end of every month, the company automatically reduces your monthly invoice using Perks earned in prior months for the calendar year.

At Innovate, we value our quality panellists and need to reward them with their incentives in a timely manner.  On the 16th of each month, we will reconcile projects from the previous month.  For example, if a project was run in December, then on the 16th of January, the system will compile the completes that show and validate each complete.  Prior to this reconciliation, three reminder emails go to all users for Paused and Live projects to confirm the completes achieved.

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