How Our Platform Works

Manage even the most complex projects from start to finish all within one powerful platform. All from one convenient, centralized dashboard. A seamless process that increases efficiency and provides cost savings.
pegasus platform

With our platform, you can:

  • Create a free account
  • Submit your criteria
  • See time in-field and cost per interview estimates
  • Launch a job and get instant access to survey respondents
  • Gain valuable insight into your target audience

Get Perks…Simply. Sensational. Sampling.

Perks™ lets you earn an instant rebate for buying audience sample via our  platform. Each time you buy an audience sample, the amount spent accrues monthly, and you achieve Perks reward tiers. Each new tier increases the percentage of instant rebate rewards received. At the end of every month, we’ll automatically reduce your monthly invoice using Perks earned in prior months.


Easy Access. Faster Answers.

The Innovate platform is an easy-to-use cost effective sample access platform that delivers both B2B and B2C quality audiences.

Quality Audiences

We use proven best practices to create proprietary panels that are reliable and responsive.

Cost Effective

No platform or user fees. We offer rate card-based sample pricing and you have advanced control over your project budget and sample pricing.

Fast and Flexible

Set up your project quickly. Get deeper profiling and rich targeting.
Real People. Quality Data. Faster Answers.TM