If maintaining a quality panel were easy, everyone would do it. Innovate has developed the industry’s best recruitment methodologies for finding hard-to-reach audiences, vetting respondents and building quality sampling frame. Download our ESOMAR 28.
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Finding and Identifying Audiences

We employ a multichannel approach to building audiences, including TV ads, Facebook, affiliate networks, refer-a-friend and SEO. Our seasoned team of experts have been building online and mobile panels since these modes first emerged.

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Panel Management

Some sampling companies abuse panelists and route them to surveys over and over again, which results in high attrition. People leave and never come back and the sampling universe continues to shrink. At Innovate, we are mindful and respectful of our audiences’ time, focusing on creating a positive experience.

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Quality Sample

Our reach is far, but our standards are high and we only recruit from qualified sources. Our proprietary systems access incoming traffic, test and vet prospective panelists. Techniques like click balancing and targeted sampling produce a good distribution of qualified respondents.

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Continual Tracking and Relationship Building

People are not static. Lives change, people take new jobs, get married, have babies. Our technology learns about panelists at a granular level, which enables us to continually produce representative results. Download our Tracking Studies PDF
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Evaluating Behaviors

Our new RepScore™ methodology evaluates panel behavior at every touchpoint and compares this data to historic benchmarks. This scoring science helps to measure the respondent’s threat potential and mitigates against conditioned behaviors or dishonesty.
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“Their team invests the time, does their homework, hand-selects the exact products that meet their specifications, and then creatively employs them to their clients’ advantage.”

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