Vision Quality

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Ensuring high-quality insights to inform essential business decisions

Vision Quality features Text Analyzerand a robust dashboard for monitoring data quality in real-time, and leading technologies an automated open-end text assessment tool. We aim to empower insights professionals to take charge of their data quality and stand confidently behind their faster answers.

Introducing the InnovateMR Text Analyzer

Verify open-end responses by removing gibberish answers, copy-and-pasted answers, profanity, PII, and non-contextual answers to ensure participants provide you with rich and relevant responses that provide color to your research findings.

Vision Quality

Utilize an Extensive Red Herring Question Library

Today, AI bots are sophisticated enough to answer more basic red herring questions such as what is 2+2 and what color is the sky. Just like Siri in Apple smartphones, they easily impersonate basic human behavior and answer simple knowledge questions with ease.

Stronger red herring questions test industry-specific terminology, ask respondents to recognize fake brands, or double-verify aided awareness questions. Within Vision Quality, you’ll gain access to InnovateMR’s advanced question library and insert them directly into your surveys.

Customize Other Data Quality Essentials

  • Digital FingerprintingPrevent duplicate or spoofed IP responses from entering your survey, ensuring that all answers are unique and valid.
  • Straight LiningDetect disengaged respondents who are selecting grid answers at random.
  • Speeder ControlsCustomize the length of interview termination point exactly or by outlier percentage rates and remove this respondent from your final data set, or flag for review.
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