Vision Sample

Utilize powerful self-serve tools to find the right target audience

Select your target audience for your research

Our high quality respondents can help you to answer your questions, faster. Vision Sample provides proprietary InnovateMR panelists to your surveys, whether it is was launched with us or with your own external research tools. Through powerful self-serve technology, build audience targets, obtain feasibility and pricing, and launch within one workflow.

Powerful Audience Targeting Tools

Enter the number of respondents you need for your survey, from what country, your survey incidence rate, and length of interview. The system will calculate feasibility and pricing, and get targeting ready to go.

Advanced Targeting
  • Set up more in-depth demographic profiling including age, gender, children, education, employment, ethnicity, and more.
  • Always reach your audience with advanced geo-targeting in multiple countries, with more to come.
  • Utilize an extensive profiling library to target the exact survey participant you are aiming to interview.

Precise Controls Over Sample Delivery

Survey Sampling Options
  • Vision Sampling includes everything you need to target and buy survey audiences like a pro.
  • Start by entering demographic, geographic or psychographic audience attributes and obtain real-time pricing and feasibility.
  • Create complex nested quotas to get the perfect audience blend. 
  • Launch your project live 24/7,  or schedule a launch for a specific date and time.
  • Set the appropriate quality switches to ensure only high quality respondents take your survey.
  • Not ready to do it yourself with Vision Sample? Allow our expert managed services team do the heavy lifting.

InnovateMR's Panelists

Top Respondents from Proprietary Panel Sources
  • InnovateMR is a sample-quality leader in the market research space, supplying only unique and engaged respondents with answers you can trust.
  • PointClub, InnovateMR’s proprietary panel, offers a new model that truly engages survey participants and generates long-term retention.
  • Each respondent is vetted across through over 40 quality methods including digital fingerprinting, GEO-IP validation, mobile and address verification, and more, all designed to address the various quality challenges that exist in research.
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