VIsion Surveys

Streamlining the market research process for insights professionals

Survey building with simplicity and sophistication

Vision Surveys checks both boxes: simplicity and sophistication. Conduct rapid pulse surveys to get a quick read on ever-evolving target markets. Build custom questions/answers, customize branded themes for top respondent experience, test on a variety of device types, select your target audience, and launch your survey, watching as people start completing it. Once your survey is successful, build or export custom reports from one cohesive dashboard. If you get stuck, our team of research experts is always available to support you through the survey creation process.

Create a New Survey

When creating a new survey, access a library of editable templates in a variety of categories, or start from scratch with fully customizable themes. Gain complete survey management control including:

  • Numerous different question types
  • Bulk answer upload
  • Image and video upload
  • Complex question logic and piping
  • Complete thematic design, color settings, and CSS control
  • Extensive built-in quality control settings
  • Survey testing in desktop, tablet, or mobile views

Launch with InnovateMR Panelists, or Recruit Your Own Audience

Find your target audience from InnovateMR’s integrated sample sources. Target the right respondents through extensive demographic profiling, set custom quotas, adjust fielding in real time or employ field pacing, and turn on in-survey quality controls. Watch as your survey begins filling in minutes. You can also send to your own customer lists or social media channels with custom survey links.

Building and Exporting Custom Reports

A survey is nothing without powerful reporting capabilities. Vision Surveys provides customized report creation with export functionality in an intuitive UI, cutting down on the time it takes to make extensive raw data presentable, and actionable. Evaluate your data on the individual respondent level, or search for answers to specific questions. Organize your data in comprehensive charts, graphs and grids, with the ability to easily cross-tab and filter results. Reports are easily exportable to presentation-ready formats.

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