B2B Qualitative Research

Insights you trust from experts who matter

Today, researchers are tasked with gathering statistical and reliable data via quantitative surveys but are also tasked with providing additional color through deeper qualitative interviewing.

Quant gives you “the what” and qual provides “the why.” We support organizations seeking to gain qualitative insights from experts by connecting them with our B2B decision makers, subject matter experts, and key opinion leaders.

Through Ivy Exec, InnovateMR now offers access to rich, qualitative insights via a highly engaged and resume-verified B2B community of 3 million professionals. Our clients can now interview the most sought-after industry experts for a broad variety of research projects and qualitative methodologies.

Ivy Exec has grown its network of subject matter experts and key opinion leaders through strategic partnerships with 100+ universities and industry associations around the world. Reach senior-level executives with exceptional data quality, granular audience segmentation, rapid & precise delivery.

Why Partner with InnovateMR & Ivy Exec?

Ivy Exec is not a traditional panel panel. We maintain a highly curated and highly engaged business community by providing access to industry leading career development content and networking programs.


  • Connect and Recruit from 3M+ Experts globally

    Utilize our proprietary expert network which hosts a curated, resume-vetted network of 3 million members, delivering exclusive content, networking, advisory, and career opportunities to highly successfully professionals at both middle management and executive levels. We only deliver 100% qualified experts who are active practitioners in their industry, rather than paid consultants.

  • Industry Depth

    Reach to dozens of niche business industries including Technology, Healthcare, Financial Services, Management, Engineering, Manufacturing, Advertising & PR, Consumer Products, Non-Profit, Energy/Oil/Gas, and more.

  • Extensive B2B Audience Reach

    3M Members Globally
    191 Countries Represented
    100+ Partnerships with Leading Universities & MBA Programs
    800K+ Women in Business
    80% Director and Above
    70% Members with Advanced Degrees

Create A Successful B2B Qual Project

From start to finish, discover the ways our expert qualitative team at InnovateMR & Ivy Exec can guide your research strategy.