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How to Choose the Right Tracker Partner for Your Market Research Project


Transitioning Tracker Studies to a New Research Partner

In today’s dynamic market landscape, staying ahead of the competition and understanding consumer behavior is crucial for any business. One effective way to achieve this is through tracking studies, which provide invaluable insights into new trends, emerging competitive threats, in-market performance, and brand perceptions. However, the prospect of moving an ongoing tracker study to a different market research partner can be quite intimidating. Fortunately, when you collaborate with a seasoned provider such as InnovateMR, the difficulties associated with this transition are significantly reduced. In this blog post, we will explore reasons why you may be looking to transfer tracker studies, InnovateMR’s approach & experience to successful transfers, and key success metrics to consider during the process. 

The Value of Tracker Studies 

Tracker studies play a pivotal role in the realm of market research, offering a multifaceted array of advantages that underscore their indispensable value. These studies serve as a robust instrument, allowing businesses to continuously observe and analyze the ever-evolving landscape of consumer behavior, attitudes, and preferences over time.

Utilizing Tracker Studies for Continuous Optimizations

One of the foremost merits of tracker studies lies in their ability to facilitate the ongoing evaluation of marketing initiatives. By tracking changes in consumer sentiment and behavior, these studies offer businesses invaluable insights into the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. This real-time feedback loop empowers companies to make data-driven adjustments, optimizing their strategies for better outcomes.

Furthermore, tracker studies are instrumental in assessing the impact of product launches. They provide a lens through which companies can closely monitor how their products are received in the market and whether they meet consumer expectations. This data is essential for product refinement and enhancement, ensuring that offerings align with customer preferences and needs.

Unlocking Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction, a cornerstone of business success, is another area where tracker studies shine. By consistently collecting and analyzing data on customer sentiment, these studies enable businesses to gauge the satisfaction levels of their client base. This insight is invaluable for identifying areas of improvement, enhancing customer experiences, and ultimately fostering brand loyalty.

Beyond these immediate benefits, tracker studies are a treasure trove of long-term insights. Over time, they unveil enduring trends and patterns that can guide strategic decision-making. Companies can use this historical data to anticipate shifts in consumer behavior, adapt to changing market conditions, and stay ahead of their competitors.

Establishing Performance Benchmarks and Navigating Market Dynamics with Tracker Studies

Tracker studies also establish benchmark metrics for performance evaluation. These benchmarks not only allow businesses to measure their progress but also foster trust with stakeholders. Reliable, consistent data builds credibility and demonstrates a commitment to transparency in decision-making processes.

In essence, tracker studies are an indispensable tool for businesses navigating dynamic markets. Their consistency and reliability make them a cornerstone for informed decision-making, helping companies shape their marketing strategies and refine product development efforts. By embracing tracker studies, businesses position themselves to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape, armed with the insights needed to make proactive and strategic choices.

Why Transfer Your Tracker Study to InnovateMR? 

Transferring your tracker study to InnovateMR can be a strategic move to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your research. Sometimes, your current market research partner may not be fulfilling the project requirements adequately, or there could be changes in their business structure that affect the study’s continuity. These changes may include factors such as the loss of a dedicated project manager, the dissolution of the company, or a noticeable decline in the quality of the research your current market research partner provides. 

In such situations, transferring your tracker study to InnovateMR can be a strategic move to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your research. Our team of market research experts has been at the forefront of quality research and holds an unwavering commitment to innovation. With years of experience managing and transitioning longitudinal studies, we understand the nuances and complexities involved in the process. Countless clients have trusted InnovateMR with their tracking work. We offer a reliable and stable platform for your research, ensuring that your study remains in capable hands, allowing you to continue receiving valuable insights while avoiding potential disruptions caused by external factors.

Our Approach to Successful Transfers 

At InnovateMR, we take a meticulous approach to transferring tracker studies. Here are some key steps in our process: 

Data Consistency:

Maintaining data consistency is paramount. We ensure that data collected during the transfer process aligns seamlessly with historical data to provide a continuous, reliable dataset. 

Methodology and Sample Design:

We thoroughly examine the methodology and sample design of your tracker study. If changes are necessary, we work closely with you to ensure that any modifications are well-documented and understood. 

Benchmarking Metrics:

When comparing field results from your previous provider to InnovateMR, it is essential to establish benchmarking metrics. If you have specific targets for awareness, usage, purchasing behaviors, or other relevant factors, informing our team enables us to track these data accurately and assess sample composition for corrective solutions. 

Survey Adjustments:

If there have been recent survey adjustments or design upgrades that were not included during historic fielding, please inform us. This information is vital for interpreting datasets and ensuring comparability. 

Key Success Metrics for Tracker Study Transfers 

During the process of transferring your tracker study, consider the following key success metrics: 

Data Continuity:

The ability to seamlessly continue your research without disruptions in data collection or analysis is a critical success metric. 

Consistency in Results:

Ensure that the transferred study provides consistent results over time, allowing you to identify genuine changes in market dynamics. 

Efficient Transition:

A successful transfer should be efficient and well-managed, minimizing downtime in your research efforts. 

Improved Insights:

Look for an enhanced ability to gain deeper insights and make informed decisions based on the transferred study’s data. 

Adding Field Timing to Ensure Accurate Tracker Study Transfers 

In the process of transferring your tracker study to InnovateMR, there’s an additional crucial factor to consider: field timing. To ensure that your transferred study results are as accurate and meaningful as possible, it’s essential to run the parallel test during similar field periods. Additionally, you should take into account the time of year when comparing results, as it can significantly impact the data you collect. 

Matching Field Timing for Consistency 

To properly match results and maintain data consistency, it’s advisable to run the parallel test in a manner that mirrors the field timing of your original tracker study. For instance, if your tracker runs from Sunday to Sunday with a fixed number of completes per day, replicating this schedule in the parallel test is essential. This approach helps mimic the real-world conditions of your original study, ensuring that any observed changes are not due to variations in field timing. 

Consider Seasonal Variations 

Another critical aspect to consider is the time of year when conducting your tracker study transfers. Seasonal variations can have a significant impact on consumer behavior, awareness levels, and purchase frequency. For example, during holiday periods like Black Friday or Christmas, people are more likely to purchase gifts, which can result in higher awareness and usage levels for certain products or services. 

When comparing the results of your transferred tracker study to other data points, it’s essential to factor in these seasonal variations. Failing to account for such fluctuations can lead to misinterpretation of the data. Therefore, understanding how the time of year may influence your results is vital for drawing accurate conclusions and making informed decisions based on the data. 

Client Testimonial 

To highlight the satisfaction and trust that clients place in InnovateMR’s ability to manage longitudinal research effectively, here is a quote from a satisfied client: 

“I’ve been managing high-volume trackers for over 20 years. There is no one better in the industry in managing longitudinal research. InnovateMR possesses the perfect blend of experience and expertise; I can always rely on them to deliver consistent and replicable sample so that I can focus on delivering quick-pulse insights to my client.” 


Transferring an existing tracker study to InnovateMR is a strategic move that can help you achieve consistency, stability, and improved insights in your longitudinal research. Our team of market research experts is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and successful transfer process. By considering key success metrics, collaborating closely with our team, and factoring in field timing and seasonal variations, you can confidently transition your tracker study and continue to make data-driven decisions in a dynamic market environment. Contact InnovateMR today to explore the possibilities of transferring your tracker study and unlocking the full potential of your research.

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