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The Hidden Benefits of B2B Surveys: Using Customer Feedback to Improve Your Business



Business-to-business (B2B) surveys are an invaluable tool for gaining insight into professional buyer satisfaction and product/service improvement. The data derived from these surveys provide important feedback that can inform business decisions and improve the overall experience. However, while B2B survey benefits can prove to be essential, it may not be a top priority in many organizational strategies. This article will uncover some hidden B2B survey benefits and how professional customer feedback at scale can help organizations better understand their professional customers’ needs and create a more successful business.

Identifying Unmet Needs

B2B market research surveys are essential for detecting unmet needs and how to respond. They create opportunities to introduce new products and services to go beyond expectations. For example, a study of IT professionals may reveal a need for a more straightforward, more user-friendly cloud software solution that could help streamline their unique storage and management processes. By considering this feedback and introducing a new product or service with differentiated offerings, a company can now provide a valuable market-tested solution to a previously unmet need. This B2B survey benefit can enable companies to identify ongoing needs of their current audiences, uncover new opportunities to innovate, and increase their overall market share.

Expanding Existing Audiences

Another B2B survey benefit is the opportunity to expand the existing audience base. Expanding your audience is an essential goal for any business because it directly correlates to growth and potential longevity. One way to do this is by using B2B survey feedback to identify areas of improvement.  For example, an organization can conduct a round of B2B surveys to track their brand awareness against competitors. Through the collected data, the organization may determine that their name or logo recognition didn’t score as highly against their competitors in their target demographic. They can then take this learning and dive deeper into their current audience, perhaps with in-depth qualitative interviews (IDI’s) to find out what could increase their brands recognition/adoption rate. Through additional studies, they also have the opportunity to find out what some of their professional buyers’ pain points are and work on ways to resolve them, developing better offerings than their competitors. Pointed data-driven efforts would help to position themselves to become a more recognizable brand or even the preferred brand in their market. A significant B2B survey benefit is the opportunity to learn more about your professional buyer, explore their pain points, and use that data to potentially expand and retain your current audience.

Strengthening Relationships 

Market research surveys are a great way to build relationships with professional customers and show them that their feedback is valued. By asking clients how they feel about your product or service, you indicate that you are invested in their opinion and are willing to make changes based on their experiences. Surveys can also help foster healthy dialogue between the client and the organization. For example, a B2B market research survey could ask professional buyers to rate their experience with a particular product or service on a scale of 1-10 and then follow up with questions to determine what areas need improvement. This type of quick-pulse survey not only helps identify potential problems, but also shows clients that their feedback is valued and considered when making business improvements. B2B surveys benefit organizations by enabling the opportunity to strengthen relationships with purchasers and build trust.

Identifying New Opportunities

Surveys are an excellent way for businesses to identify new opportunities and markets, expanding on their current offerings in an informed way. By collecting purchaser data and feedback, companies can gain insight into what their customers are looking for and what types of products or services they may expect or be interested in. This data can inform business decisions and strategies to help the business expand into new industry verticals. For example, a popular hair care company surveyed salon owners and beauticians to determine the sentiment towards the effectiveness of their flat-irons. They discovered that their flat-irons are used in conjunction with rat-tail combs to help straighten hair with less heat/passes on the hair. Through this discovery of how their product was used in conjunction with another, they were able to develop a new attachment to secure rat-tail combs to the flat iron, opening up a new product opportunity and generating additional revenue. 

B2B survey benefits provide organizations the opportunity to capitalize on the feedback received from their professional buyers enabling them to increase overall revenue through potential expansion into new markets.

Creating Targeted Campaigns 

As businesses approach creating targeted campaigns with new messaging and product positioning, B2B surveys can provide invaluable insights to ensure effectiveness. The data from a study can help a company identify what clients value and prioritize, and what kinds of messaging and approaches would resonate. Professional customer priorities can include preferences for pricing, product features, customer service, and more. By using this information to create targeted campaigns, businesses can better communicate offerings and meet or exceed the needs of their buyers. For example, a targeted campaign could involve offering discounts or promotions tailored to items or services that are popular amongst customers. Additionally, businesses can use B2B surveys to measure campaign satisfaction or brand testing, allowing them to track the success of their campaigns and make necessary adjustments. By utilizing B2B surveys to create targeted campaigns, a business can better serve its professional customers and foster loyalty.


There are many B2B survey benefits for organizations to consider when creating research strategies and finding a research partner. Surveys can provide valuable insights into your professional customer’s needs and preferences, empowering businesses to identify and address issues with their products and services. Additionally, they are a great way to measure client loyalty and brand recognition, and can be used to bolster increased sales and boost your bottom line. If you are looking for a partner to assist you with your next B2B survey, InnovateMR can help you gather the needed high-quality insights so that you can focus on expanding your organization and improving your professional business buyer experience. 

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