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InnovateMR acquires Qualitative B2B Expert Network, Ivy Exec


The InnovateMR team is excited to share big news – we’ve acquired Ivy Exec, a leading expert network of B2B professionals that offers career growth support and paid research opportunities. We recognize that clients are looking for a valid and trusted source for high-quality B2B sample for both quantitative and qualitative research. With our client’s needs at the forefront, we’re thrilled to join forces with Ivy Exec’s talented team to bring this combined offering to the industry with the support of 270+ of the world’s top research professionals.

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“InnovateMR has long dedicated our mission to advancing data integrity and respondent quality for the insights industry, and it guides us in everything we do,” InnovateMR Chief Executive Officer, Lisa Wilding-Brown, said. “Our consolidation with Ivy Exec dramatically expands our B2B research capabilities with the team’s curated global expert network, as well as Ivy Exec’s exclusive participant sourcing model, which will further bolster our commitment to quality.”   

Ivy Exec boasts a resume-vetted Expert Network of over 2.5 million professionals worldwide, providing specialized access to niche B2B audiences for qualitative research. This access also includes exclusive member-only content for survey participants, curated job listings, career advisory services, professional development tools, mentorship, and network opportunities, as well as thought leadership value through an extensive library of webinars and whitepapers. 

With a differentiated sourcing and retention strategy from alumni networks of top universities in the United States and other proprietary channels, Ivy Exec will provide InnovateMR clients with the opportunity to gather in-depth insights from experienced professionals including c-suite executives and other highly specialized subject matter experts across various high-demand verticals. Through this combined offering of B2B quantitative and qualitative services, we expect to expand quickly within the market research industry and other key verticals such as healthcare, fintech, venture capital, private equity, and consultancies. 

Elena Bajic, the founder of Ivy Exec, will remain an important leader in the business and take on a new role as President of Ivy Exec. She said of the new corporate union, “We are thrilled to bring our expertise in B2B qualitative recruitment to InnovateMR as a complementary offering. This new partnership will empower us to meet our clients’ need for hybrid solutions, combining qualitative and quantitative methods into one all-encompassing research experience. 

We look forward to continuing our rapid growth and expansion now with broader solutions that will prepare us for the future of mix-method research.”” 

Doug Potters, a Partner at CIVC Partners, a Chicago-based private equity firm that invested in InnovateMR last year, said, “InnovateMR continues to be an excellent platform to capitalize on the attractive growth trends in the B2B insights industry. Including the new addition of Ivy Exec, we have seen an impressive 70% YoY growth rate since the beginning of our partnership in early 2022. We are excited about the future growth prospects of InnovateMR and will continue to pursue strategic acquisitions to enhance the Company’s service offerings.” 

We are thrilled about this acquisition and the opportunities for clients and our synergetic teams. We can’t wait to see what the future holds as we continue to grow and expand our research products and services. 

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