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Get Award-Winning, Quality Data Faster with InnovateMR DIY

InnovateMR’s DIY platform is designed to be your end-to-end solution with integrated sampling, proprietary audiences, and unlimited surveys and answers.

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What is InnovateMR DIY?

Designed to execute agile survey creation, sample procurement, field management, fraud mitigation, and rapid reporting, InnovateMR’s DIY platform fits the custom needs of every unique client.

Create Surveys

Understand the needs of your customers today by conducting surveys with sophistication and logic. Build custom questionnaires or pull from our frequently used question library, select your audience, and watch the data roll in.

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Self-Serve Sample

Our powerful technology lets you define and access your target audience no matter how niche. Once the survey is launched, our high-quality, proprietary respondents answer your questions, faster. Manage quotas to prevent information overload.

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A Focus On Quality

Get only high-quality responses with our award-winning Text Analyzer™ and extensive red herring question library. Our systems will monitor data in real-time to ensure you get rich and relevant responses that provide color to your research findings.

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Pay As You Go


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Platform access with award-winning data quality

  • 10 questions per survey maximum
  • Unlimited number of surveys
  • Unlimited responses per month
  • No transaction fees for Innovate respondents

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Get all Pay As You Go Features plus:

  • 20 questions per survey maximum
  • Quota segmentation
  • 1 hour customer support per month
  • InnovateMR Text Analyzer™

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Get all Starter Features plus:

  • Unlimited questions per survey
  • 5% discount on InnovateMR sample
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  • InnovateMR quality dashboard
  • Advanced survey logic
  • Multilingual Surveys

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$5,346 annually (10% discount)


Custom Pricing

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Get all Professional Features plus:

  • Unlimited questions per survey
  • Volume discount on InnovateMR sample
  • Unlimited customer support per month
  • Unlimited integrated customer email list
  • InnovateMR Text Analyzer™ customization
  • Custom plan for high volume teams
  • InnovateMR Product Advisory seat
  • Dedicated customer success manager

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Customized pricing to best fit with your business goals

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