Business Insights Hub

Executing challenging B2B research with quality and confidence

Today, InnovateMR’s global Business Insights Hub generates the highest-quality data from verified and engaged professionals.

B2B Profiling Variables

InnovateMR can target by employment status, job role, industry, employee counts, revenue, departmental decision makers, specialty professionals, business travel, and more on thousands of audience attributes.

High-quality source recruitment

The InnovateMR panel team recruits online from a wide variety of specialized B2B channels such as business forums, bulletin boards, specialty, and topical websites including banner ads on sites such as CNN Money, TechCrunch, Wired, and Forbes, all of which are concentrated with business professionals, not consumers.

Longitudinal Panel Scrutiny

We possess a deep understanding of customized profiling tactics; ensuring that we deliver the right audience at the right time. We recognize that professional audiences are a high target for fraudulent activity and as such, we have implemented several safeguards at every stage in the survey process that not only ensure uniqueness, but also true expertise in the field.

Source Test

  • Over 100 recruitment campaigns
  • Diversity
  • Global Scale
  • Benchmark quality testing
  • Firmographic testing
  • Quality evaluation
  • Check processing

Panel Registration

  • Digital fingerprinting (CleanID & ResearchDefender)
  • GEO-IP checks
  • Mobile Verification
  • Address Verification (USPS & FedEx)
  • Hidden reCAPTCHA
  • Email validation
  • Pattern detection
  • Bot traps
  • Open-end analysis
  • First impression score


  • Digital fingerprinting (CleanID & ResearchDefender)
  • GEO-IP checks
  • Address Verification (USPS & FedEx)
  • Audience-specific red herrings via Sentry
  • Hidden reCAPTCHA
  • IP analysis
  • Bot traps
  • RepScore™
  • Pattern detection

Post Survey

  • Red-Herring domain expertise questions
  • LOI detection
  • Analysis of client feedback
  • Mobile verification
  • Reward redemption validation
  • Pattern detection
  • Open-end analysis via TextAnalyzer™ with improved settings
  • IP Analysis
  • Bot traps
  • RepScore™

When we decided to scale our research operations beyond the reach of our own professional network, we were concerned that the quality of participants and data reliability might be compromised. InnovateMR was able to confidently address our concerns with transparency. Reviewing our survey data over the past several projects where we have leveraged InnovateMR, we feel confident that their panelists are high quality and trustworthy – a top priority when you’re seeking feedback from business professionals.


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