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Clients routinely ask us, “What makes InnovateMR better than ALL the other sample providers?”  We get it. As a buyer, you are overwhelmed with options. To say the sample space is saturated is an under-statement. 

It can be challenging to delineate between what is real and what is fake. Our side of the MR industry has been dancing behind a black curtain since its inception. “Who is an aggregator and who isn’t?” This is the ultimate question! Can one provider really be better than another or should we all be painted with the same brush?

You know we like to keep it light for our blog readers, so we are going to run you through our top 10 list on why InnovateMR is better… David Letterman style! Humor us!

10 Reasons Why InnovateMR Is Better…

10. We are the B2B alternative for the MR industry.

Most panels offer B2B respondents however this is merely overpriced screened consumer panel. Conversely, our First-Class Panel has been sourced from real business content sites, business forums and associations. It’s the real deal.

9. Our Quality is Second to None

In 2018, our global invalid rate was 2.08%, spanning thousands of surveys. Insert mic drop here. In today’s online world, cyber fraud is projected to cost 2 Trillion dollars globally by the end of 2019. Major brands and government agencies are falling prey. No company will ever be perfect, but we are committed to fighting the good fight through machine learning and dozens of dynamic mitigation tactics.

8. Truly Independent

Simply put: the quality of life working at an entirely self-funded, independent company is amazing. It’s life-changing, actually. We are self-funded with no outside investment and no plans to deviate from this strategy. Aside from emotionally stable employees (LOL), our independence means we can focus on making our clients happy. We are not spending our days trying to appease investors; we spend our days obsessing over clients, employees and panelists.

7. Consultative

This word is used ad nauseum in the business world, so we’ll tread lightly here. Who knows, maybe we’ll start saying terms like “synergy” and “low hanging fruit” just to keep you engaged or lull you to sleep. You pick. Seriously, what does consultative truly mean?

At Innovate, it means breaking the process-driven chains that most working professionals put on themselves and each other… because they can. Humans tend to over-engineer everything and clients suffer as a result.  Innovate is boutique by design, nimble and flexible. You don’t need to fill out a special form, jump through red tape or submit your request by 3 PM. Ever. We are obsessed with our clients and we make life easier, that’s it.

6. Expertise

There are a lot of posers in business. It’s just the reality we operate in. Suggesting otherwise wouldn’t be the honest thing to do. Our team is comprised of true sampling experts who have been in the industry since the inception of online research. We wrote the playbook on online sampling.

We built the industry’s first online panel. We developed the industry’s first sampling APIs and programmatic connections. We built the industry’s first mobile panel and survey app. We launched the industry’s first DIY sample marketplace. We have accomplished many “firsts” and we call ourselves “Innovate.” Expertise is coursing through our veins.

5. Thought Leadership

Over the last 5 years, our team has worked tirelessly to create meaningful and material change in an otherwise risk-adverse industry. We are not afraid to speak the unsavory truths about the ever-shrinking participant universe. We are not reluctant to discuss cyber fraud and how it threatens our industry. Time and time again, we are on stage discussing the topics that others wish to sweep under the rug. Our goal is to move our industry forward and make an impact. And we are doing just that!

4. Unique Recruitment

Did you know that most panel companies rely on the same 5 publishers to recruit traffic into their panels? It’s crazy but true and this strategy produces massive overlap and redundancy across panels. When we formed Innovate, we knew this was a pain point that had to be solved. We enjoy global scale and uniqueness on a whole new level.

Our recruitment team focuses on exclusive sourcing relationships including TV advertisement. We routinely advertise our TV commercial across several cable networks and concentrate our media purchase on high demand groups such as top DMAs, unacculturated Hispanics, young males and millennials to name a few.

3. Coverage

No need to submit a request for late night or weekend coverage. Our global structure provides full 24/7 support, covering all time zones, including weekends. It may not sound like it should be a differentiator, but you would be surprised! Most companies in the sample industry provide a skeleton crew or no coverage during after-hours and your projects suffer as a result. We have a full team in place so that your sleep and project will never be compromised.

2. Technology

Innovate lives at the intersection of art and science; cutting-edge technology is at the very foundation of our business, our DNA and our name. Many years ago, we were the first in the industry to provide live “under the hood” demonstrations of our internal tools. There was no cloak of mystery to preserve; no painful mergers to protect.  Just beautiful, highly functional tech.

1. Client Obsessed

We feel it is only appropriate to end our top 10 list with a mantra that has been circulating our office halls for years now. #CLIENTOBSESSED. It’s true. We. Are. Client. Obsessed. Not to worry, we will adhere to any and all restraining orders so you can feel safe! (HA) But you are kind of a big deal and we will never take that fact for granted. Thank you.

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About InnovateMR – InnovateMR is a full-service sampling and ResTech company that delivers faster, quality insights from business and consumer audiences utilizing cutting-edge technologies to support agile research. As industry pioneers, InnovateMR provides world-class end-to-end survey programming, targeted international sampling, qualitative and quantitative insights, and customized consultation services to support informed, data-driven strategies, and identify growth opportunities. Known for their celebrated status in customer service and results, InnovateMR combines boutique-level service with extensive global reach to achieve partner success.