Empowering Wellness: The Transformative Impact of InnovateYou at InnovateMR 


As we embark on 2024, at InnovateMR, we’re not just ringing in a new year; we’re championing our company’s dedication to well-being through our InnovateYou Wellness Program. Here, our belief is clear: the prosperity of our team is intricately linked to their well-being. InnovateYou stands as our continual pledge, laying the groundwork for another year of comprehensive wellness, personal evolution, and shared triumphs. 

Pillars of InnovateYou: 

Holistic Health: InnovateYou embodies a holistic approach, tending to physical, mental, and emotional well-being through regular bi-weekly emails and virtual coffee breaks open to the entire organization. These communications aim to enrich not only our physical, mental, and emotional health but also extend insights into financial well-being and leadership development. Our virtual coffee breaks serve as a platform to boost employee engagement. 

Professional and Personal Growth: A healthy mind lays the groundwork for a thriving professional life. InnovateYou persists in offering avenues for continuous professional development, skill enhancement, and personal growth through engaging guest speakers. By nurturing a culture of perpetual improvement, our objective is to consistently empower our team to scale new heights in their careers. 

Community Engagement: Fostering a collective sense of well-being relies on strong community support. InnovateYou remains dedicated to nurturing this community spirit through continuous volunteer opportunities, shared goals, and a supportive network that encourages individuals to stay motivated and accountable. Recently, our team dedicated their time to sorting, counting, repackaging, labeling, and boxing diapers and hygiene products for families in need at the United Way of Greater New Haven. Additionally, our team actively participated in volunteering at spcaLA, ensuring all animals receive the care they deserve! 

New Year, New Beginnings:  

The onset of a fresh year traditionally signals a time for resolutions and new beginnings. At InnovateMR, we understand the significance of aligning these resolutions with both professional aspirations and personal well-being. InnovateYou embodies our unwavering commitment to equipping our team with the tools, resources, and encouragement necessary to prioritize their health not just in the upcoming year, but for the long haul. Mika Turner, Vice President of Human Resources at Innovate and a key figure in InnovateYou, conveys “In Human Resources, I found my calling—a dynamic space where my passion for growing people transforms into a purposeful journey of fostering individual potential. Guided by the belief that empowering others leads to collective success, I embrace each day with the commitment to cultivate not just careers, but the very essence of human potential.” 

Its Impact on Me: 

I can attest that the InnovateYou program has made a tangible difference in my life and that of my colleagues, fostering a sense of health and empowerment.  

The bi-weekly emails, virtual coffee breaks, and webinars from the program have been incredibly meaningful to me. During our recent coffee break, I had the opportunity to engage with colleagues from various parts of the world, discovering that we not only share the experiences of working parents but also similar TV preferences. Building connections like this truly enhances the virtual setting.  

While working from home has its advantages, it also presents challenges, particularly with the kitchen just steps away, tempting bad habits. The Nutrition Webinar served as a delightful refresher, assisting me in refocusing for success and offering some valuable hacks. These instances go beyond the usual; they address more than just physical health – encompassing mental and emotional well-being. The knowledge that the company genuinely prioritizes our overall health is not only reassuring but also incredibly empowering. 

Looking Ahead 

Stepping into 2024, I am excited about the ongoing possibilities that InnovateYou holds for our team. As we navigate the opportunities and challenges of the year ahead, we do so with the assurance that our company’s sustained focus on wellness will contribute to the continued health, growth, and success of our team here at InnovateMR. Here’s to another year of ongoing wellness, growth, and collective achievement! 

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