Happy New Year from InnovateMR CEO, Lisa Wilding-Brown


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Dear colleagues, team members, and friends,

Happy New Year! I cannot believe that 2021 is already behind us, and that we all already have new goals to achieve in 2022. However, our lives both personally and professionally continue to be affected by the constantly shifting circumstances. This past year has been a year unlike any other for our industry. We are supporting our clients as they navigate the uncertainty associated with ever-changing consumer behaviors and attitudes brought about by both the pandemic and an accelerated adoption of digital modalities.

When the pandemic began in 2020, that was the year of the unknown. We were on high alert, shellshocked, and could make no other plans other than to stand by each other and wait out the storm. However, in 2021, we instead began to realize that we had more work to do than ever before. We pivoted, adapted to virtual-first collaboration, and did what we do best as an industry: answer questions faster and more reliably. After that realization, it was incredible how quickly our industry rebounded. The multitude of acquisitions and corporate investment interests further reinforces this importance. Brands began to further their commitment to insights, using data to drive their business forward and reframe their lens to focus on customer centricity. The entire world has adapted to a new ecosystem, and we had the privilege to inform how to best approach that change. And what a privilege it is!

This industry has always relied upon human ingenuity, and regardless of the amazing technological advances, that will never change. The intersection of humans and technology is so fascinating; we are sitting in a $90B total addressable market, with the tech-enabled sector growing rapidly each year! Working in market research will be exciting in 2022, and I am eager to see how new innovative methodologies and technologies will continue to aid talented professionals in the pursuit of faster answers. Advanced survey and sampling technologies have been the biggest new market research development, as in-person research came to a near stand-still due to the pandemic. A growing demand for SaaS products fueled new wind into the sails of DIY research and expanded business’ access to high-quality research insights. There is a tidal wave of disintermediation in our industry, and this is further reinforced by the 2021 ESOMAR Buyer study, 48% of all research is now conducted internally by brands, up 20% since the 2020 report. It is an imperative, exciting time to be in this industry as the appetite for democratized insights continues to accelerate, and there is cause for hope.

Recently, I have moved into a new position at InnovateMR as Chief Executive Officer, and we have big plans for this year. Our primary focus is to increase accessibility to insights and empower professionals with the ability to make insightful choices about the future of their businesses. InnovateMR will continue to be a leading voice for the industry and a center for excellence in everything that we do. Our team continues to live by our brand promise and create powerful new solutions to future-proof business insights. I will continue my passion for helping young professionals navigate their careers, facilitate new learnings, be an accessible CEO, and use our voice to create meaningful change for those working in market research.

This past year showed us that as an industry, we are adaptable and capable of thriving in adversity. Businesses are booming, and we positioned ourselves for a substantial ramp up. Newfound professional empathy has only encouraged us to continue putting clients at the heart of our business and to lead with compassion, which is going to be the fuel that drives the industry forward. We will empower brands to eliminate blind spots, craft authentic and intelligent messaging, and convert their campaigns into actionable change. Measuring and understanding the consumer of today only helps to increase growth, mitigate risk, remain relevant, and maintain a competitive edge. We have the power to do that, which will continue to be an incredibly important responsibility.

I and the team at InnovateMR wish you nothing but happiness and health in the coming year!


All my best,

Lisa Wilding-Brown

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Lisa Wilding-Brown is the Chief Executive Officer of InnovateMR, working to build the industry’s most powerful and intuitive research tools, celebrate a culture of inclusivity, and continue the team’s uncompromising dedication to delivering high quality insights to amazing clients. 

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