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How to Maximize Your B2B Research Through the Use of Expert Networks


 Maximizing B2B Research With Expert Networks

Market research helps companies gain insights into their target audience to deliver more directly to their needs, assess their competition, and improve their overall performance, making it an essential part of any business strategy. With the help of expert networks, you can obtain in-depth qualitative answers to your research questions to aid in the development and execution of your business research strategies. In this blog, we will explore how to maximize your B2B research using expert networks and take a deep dive into the capabilities of InnovateMR and Ivy Exec, which boasts a proprietary sample comprised of millions of engaged survey participants worldwide, their leading expert network, and their hybrid research model. 

What are Expert Networks? 

Expert networks are digital platforms that allow businesses and organizations to access the expertise of experts with experience in specific fields. They are typically comprised of professionals who are leading experts in their respective fields, such as managers, C-levels, founders, and high-level officials but can include middle management and scholars. Individuals in expert networks lend their time and expertise on specific topics or skill sets to provide organizations with valuable information, insights, assistance, or consultation and in turn, get access to a highly coveted network with career support and a multitude of other benefits. 

It’s worth noting that 95% of Ivy Exec members are not part of any other expert network. This unique feature provides our research clients with access to a non-commoditized asset, effectively eliminating the learning effects that are often present in other networks. Additionally, we have a proprietary AI-driven recruitment model that has been meticulously trained over a span of 10 years. This state-of-the-art technology further enhances our ability to connect our research clients with the right experts, ensuring a level of precision and expertise that sets us apart from other networks.

Benefits of Using Expert Networks 

There are many reasons why an organization should utilize expert networks in its business research strategy. The top three include access to vetted experts, rapid access to comprehensive data, and the efficiency of having access to a research partner who will handle your project from start to finish.    

Ensuring Quality in B2B Research with Expert Networks

At Ivy Exec, our commitment to quality is reinforced by several key practices: 

  • Strategic Partnerships: We have cultivated over 100 strategic partnerships with highly reputable sources, such as Columbia University, the CFA Institute, SHRM, and more. These partnerships drive the growth of our network, ensuring that our members possess credible and valuable expertise. 
  • Source Testing and Screening: We conduct extensive source testing and firmographic screening to guarantee that the right organizations are represented within the Ivy Exec network. This meticulous approach ensures that our members meet the highest standards of expertise and credibility. 
  • Identity Verification: We utilize LinkedIn API Connect for identity verification and require a resume submission from all Ivy Exec network members. This verification process adds an extra layer of credibility and trustworthiness to our network. 
  • AI-Powered TextAnalyzer™: Our AI-powered TextAnalyzer™ dynamically screens for domain expertise at the project level, ensuring that our clients receive the most relevant and knowledgeable experts for their specific research inquiries. 
  • Microsoft Certified Partnership: As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we leverage Microsoft’s business taxonomy to verify business acumen at the project level, further enhancing the quality and precision of the expertise available within our network. 

This commitment to quality ensures that Ivy Exec provides a platform where you can have uninterrupted one-on-one interactions with experts, enabling in-depth discussions and clarifications to fill any gaps in your research inquiries. This level of quality and engagement sets Ivy Exec apart from traditional survey-based approaches and delivers a superior experience for our clients seeking valuable insights and information.

Access to Experts for In-depth B2B Insights

With expert networks, businesses can quickly and easily access the expertise of a wide range of professionals in relevant fields. This makes finding information and gaining insights into a particular subject or industry easier. For example, if your business research strategy requires opinions on upcoming disruptions in the technology sector, you could utilize an expert network to gain access to vetted IT professionals at all levels, which otherwise may be a difficult and time-consuming task to source through traditional methods. 

Moreover, unlike the more conventional approach of sending out pre-set surveys, expert networks provide the invaluable advantage of uninterrupted one-on-one time with your chosen expert. This direct interaction allows for more in-depth interviews and the opportunity to seek clarifications, obtaining detailed answers that can comprehensively address your research inquiries. In essence, expert networks offer a personalized and in-depth experience, which, when coupled with Ivy Exec’s unique, proprietary model for securing the highest quality participant pool, elevates the benefits of utilizing expert networks to a whole new level.

Comprehensive Data

Expert networks provide comprehensive data that can be used to conduct more in-depth research. In addition, they are often paired with quantitative data for a mixed-method approach, making it easier to validate information. Organizations that leverage expert networks, adhere to strict data protection standards and are compliant with SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and other global regulations to ensure their clients achieve quality data and their expert’s personal information is safeguarded. 

Timely Solutions

Expert networks are an efficient way to save time compared to traditional research methods as they provide access to a network of professionals at a fraction of the time that it would take to find them through traditional scouting. In some instances, introductions can be made within hours for most industries. Additionally, some organizations that offer expert network access will also schedule interviews, develop surveys, and guarantee quality data, enabling the client to focus solely on strategies to respond to the data they’ve obtained in their research. Utilizing expert networks is a resourceful way for organizations to gain speedy and quality insights. 

Expert Network + Mixed Method Solutions in the Insights Industry

If you feel that expert networks can benefit your organizations and need recommendations on where to start, we recommend InnovateMR, a leading full-service research firm in the market research industry, and their newly acquired, top expert network and qualitative company, Ivy Exec. 

Unlocking Access to a Global Network of Expertise with Ivy Exec

Ivy Exec, an InnovateMR company, is a global expert network comprising over 3 million executives, key opinion leaders, policy influencers, and other subject matter experts and decision-makers. With representation from 191 nations, Ivy Exec experts hail from diverse industries, spanning for-profit corporations, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations. Ivy Exec specializes in facilitating access to precisely targeted, qualified professionals who are typically challenging to connect with. Ivy Exec members constitute top executives and middle managers in the global business landscape, representing 191 countries. This dynamic and engaged community of thought leaders is eager to share their knowledge and serves as a driving force behind innovation in the business world. They offer unparalleled experience, insights, and knowledge to empower your organization’s decision-making processes. 

Ivy Exec stands by its commitment to delivering engaged professionals via customized recruitment and precise targeting, ensuring a 100% qualified executive pool. Their meticulous audience segmentation allows for pinpoint targeting based on titles, companies, or skill sets. Whether you require a C-level executive in the healthcare industry with specific skills to provide insights on a new initiative or policy, Ivy Exec guarantees access to such professionals within their expert network. As an added benefit, Ivy Exec provides access to sample profiles during the project bidding stage, offering a glimpse of the high-quality professionals available within their network.

By utilizing InnovateMR and Ivy Exec your businesses can gain access to experienced professionals at all levels. Utilizing these networks can help your business maximize its business research strategies and tactics. InnovateMR’s full-service research solutions paired with Ivy Exec’s expert network can streamline your research process, saving you time on recruitment, survey design, and data analysis. With their mixed-method approach, rapid, exceptional-quality data coupled with top-tier service, InnovateMR, and Ivy Exec are committed to helping you develop and execute successful business solutions. 

Harnessing the Power of Expert Networks for Effective B2B Research

Overall, utilizing expert networks is a great way to maximize and streamline B2B research and improve your organization’s overall business research strategy. With InnovateMR and Ivy Exec, businesses can quickly and easily access the expertise of experienced professionals in specific fields and rest assured knowing that their experts are precisely targeted, vetted, and engaged. Implementing expert networks in your business research strategy will not only ensure that you gain quality data, but it will also help your business get the most out of your research project and help your executives make better-informed decisions backed by data.

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