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InnovateMR Unveils Upgraded Text Analyzer Adding in GPT Analysis with a Patent-Pending Proprietary ML Engine


Calabasas, CA, May 30, 2024 – InnovateMR, a leader in market research solutions, is proud to announce significant enhancements to our revolutionary product, the Text Analyzer™. Designed to streamline the analysis of open-ended text responses, the Text Analyzer now offers an even more robust and sophisticated approach to ensuring data quality, helping researchers extract meaningful insights efficiently and accurately.

Open-ended questions are invaluable for capturing the nuanced perspectives of respondents, but ensuring the quality of these responses can be challenging. The Text Analyzer™ addresses this challenge by utilizing a patent-pending engine that evaluates and filters open-end responses in real-time, ensuring only high-quality, relevant data reaches researchers.

Key Features and Improvements of the Text Analyzer™:

  • Real-Time Response Evaluation: The engine dynamically assesses responses in real-time saving time and reducing costs.
  • Comprehensive Quality Checks: The tool identifies and filters out issues such as: Irrelevant context, Profanity, Spelling errors, Duplications, Gibberish, Automated responses or bot scripting, Unnatural response timing, Personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Proprietary Algorithm: Ensures responses are contextually relevant to the questions, catching problematic replies in real time to maintain dataset integrity.
  • Global Language Support: Available in US and UK English, Spanish, French, and German, with more languages to be added soon.
  • Flexible Integration: Can be used on an ad-hoc basis or fully integrated via API, allowing seamless incorporation into existing survey platforms.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Offers transparency and control with adjustable settings, whitelist terms, and optimal thresholds to customize the tool for specific research needs across your business.

“At InnovateMR, innovation isn’t just in our name – it’s our driving force,” said Lisa Wilding-Brown, CEO of InnovateMR. “The enhanced Text Analyzer™ exemplifies our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower researchers to focus on analyzing authentic feedback without the distraction of poor-quality data.”

The enhanced Text Analyzer™ not only simplifies the task of managing open-ended responses but also elevates the overall quality of research outputs. By removing rogue responses and maintaining high data standards from the outset, researchers can dedicate more time to deriving insights and making informed decisions based on genuine respondent input.

For more information about the Text Analyzer™ and to see how it can transform your research process, visit https://www.innovatemr.com/

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Brittany Nicols, InnovateMR SVP, Marketing & Communications

brittany@innovatemr.com | (818) 584-2090 x716

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About InnovateMR – InnovateMR is a full-service sampling and ResTech company that delivers faster, quality insights from business and consumer audiences utilizing cutting-edge technologies to support agile research. As industry pioneers, InnovateMR provides world-class end-to-end survey programming, targeted international sampling, qualitative and quantitative insights, and customized consultation services to support informed, data-driven strategies, and identify growth opportunities. Known for their celebrated status in customer service and results, InnovateMR combines boutique-level service with extensive global reach to achieve partner success.