Pulse Research: How You Might Be Doing it Wrong


Traditional market research can be tricky. It can be messy, unorganized, require multiple tools, platforms, and teams. With access to a wealth of information and audiences, finding the right answers amongst the noise can be even trickier. Below is an overview of what a standard research process can look like from start to finish:

Traditional Research (5)

Look Familiar?
Seeing it all in one place might be a little overwhelming, but this is a common route to pulse insights in the modern online research space. Be honest with yourself: even though this is a process so many of us live everyday, it has gotten a little out of hand. With multiple survey creation tools, multiple teams and stakeholders, dozens of panels for sourcing respondents, and data cleaning tools to report consolidated information, the traditional research workflow requires hundreds of emails and hundreds of labor hours. Additionally, with so many patchwork technologies required for API connections and redirects between various software solutions, it has gotten almost entirely out of hand. It can be overwhelming.

And it isn’t just about the number of products researchers need, it’s also about how long it takes to utilize them. With so many keen-eyed decision makers with even more decisions to make, research can take months to complete. Two weeks for planning, two weeks for set up, two weeks for fielding, and another two for analyzing the answers… it adds up. In today’s market with attention spans continuing to shorten, two months is too long to accurately gauge consumer sentiments, much less monetize them. 

The InnovateMR team know this process, because we’ve lived this process. With nearly three decades of experience in the online research space, our team understands the nuances of this complicated, overlapping flow chart. Even gaining quick pulse insights or tracking an audience sector has become an extensive process with multiple platforms and products.

But it doesn’t have to be! This is why we created the Vision Suite™, so your process can look like this:


Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 1-15-06 PM

The Vision Suite, developed by top research professionals, replaces overly-complicated process chains with one simple, cost-effective suite. Build your survey questions, create survey logic, field with fully integrated and targeted respondents, control your answers with our proprietary quality tools, and build custom reports all from one dashboard. 

Want to learn more about how the Vision Suite can streamline your research? We promise, it isn’t too good to be true.


InnovateMR’s founders helped to usher in the modern digital sampling industry, creating the world-class uSamp and goZing panels. InnovateMR is a fiercely independent sampling and ResTech company that delivers Faster Answers™ from business and consumer audiences utilizing technologies to support agile research. As industry pioneers, InnovateMR connects organizations with targeted audiences around the world and develops forward-thinking products to support informed, data-driven strategies, and identify growth opportunities.

InnovateMR’s Vision Suite™ offers researchers a comprehensive collection of next generation products designed to execute against all aspects of the research process including survey design, sample procurement, field management, fraud mitigation and reporting. Our proprietary platform delivers results faster without sacrificing quality.

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About InnovateMR – InnovateMR is a full-service sampling and ResTech company that delivers faster, quality insights from business and consumer audiences utilizing cutting-edge technologies to support agile research. As industry pioneers, InnovateMR provides world-class end-to-end survey programming, targeted international sampling, qualitative and quantitative insights, and customized consultation services to support informed, data-driven strategies, and identify growth opportunities. Known for their celebrated status in customer service and results, InnovateMR combines boutique-level service with extensive global reach to achieve partner success.