Quality Isn’t Expensive, It’s Priceless


At Innovate, we obsess over quality.  Why?  Cyber fraud is at an all-time high, impacting every industry, vertical and government agency that exists in the modern world. Earlier this year, Forbes Magazine cited research which predicts cyber-crime to cost 2.1 Trillion by 2019. Like a computer virus, fraudulent activity is evolving; new strains are surfacing every day.  Unfortunately, the Market Research community is not impervious to these threats. In fact, our industry is a major target due to the incentives offered to research participants.

Since the inception of our company several years ago, our philosophy has focused on layering in dozens of mechanisms to thwart online malicious behaviors. These layers are dynamically changing, outsmarting even the most sophisticated fraudsters.

Introducing RepScore™

We’ve conducted extensive research to fine-tune our proprietary digital fraud mitigation system.  The fruits of our labor are paying off based on recent results from our research-on-research where our panel, PointClub, achieved the lowest client scrub rate when compared to five other leading sample suppliers.

Client Invalid Rate _ R2.jpgBuilding a Better Mouse Trap

How does RepScore™ work? Our Data Science team has developed a proprietary algorithmic model that assesses quality on an ongoing basis.  Simply put: we never stop evaluating panelists and we use over 50 variables to conduct our dynamic appraisals.  Additionally, these variables and traps are constantly changing, which helps to fatigue fraudsters and cause them to move on elsewhere. 

Why Do We Employ This Strategy?      

Evidence shows that fraudsters will study your panel infrastructure/survey and assess vulnerabilities.  Once these vulnerabilities are identified, these individuals or collaborative networks will create masked profiles which often look identical to innocent, well-behaved survey participants.  The only solution to identify these individuals is to implement many layers across the entire lifecycle of a panelist and to make changes to these various mechanisms so that we can remain impenetrable to their attempts.  Our RepScore™ methodology evaluates panel behavior at every touchpoint and compares this data to historic benchmarks previously collected at the respondent level.  This scoring science helps to measure the respondent’s threat potential and behavioral compliance. 

What Layers Does RepScore Use?

Layers Rep Score.png

An Expert Opinion on Our Approach

“As the industry continues to evolve, the need for evermore innovative and accurate data quality and fraud reduction controls remains a constant.  It’s exciting to be a part of InnovateMR’s strategies and growth.  Their team invests the time, does their homework, hand-selects the exact products that meet their specifications, and then creatively employs them to their clients’ advantage. This process is a testament to their ongoing dedication to deliver the highest level of data quality and fraud protection in the industry.”

~Mark Menig, TrueSample