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The Innovative Mind of Lisa Wilding-Brown: Insights from Recent Interviews 


As an industry leader, Lisa Wilding-Brown is known for her visionary approach and relentless commitment to pushing the limits of what is possible. Her innovative ideas and servant leadership continue to shape the market research industry, inspiring professionals to think differently and embrace the power of disruption. 

Lisa has delved into various topics, from the need for more diverse and inclusive research practices to the importance of incorporating emerging technologies into the insights process. Drawing on her experience and expertise, Lisa’s in-depth discussions showcase her ability to communicate complex concepts in a relatable manner.  

We are excited to shed light on the key insights shared by Lisa Wilding-Brown, our Chief Executive Officer, through her recent interviews below: 

1. The Adam Mendler Blog:People-First Leadership is Key.”  

Key TakeawayHow to effectively lead high-achieving teams and prioritize people-first leadership, clear communication, and executive transparency.  

In this interview, Lisa dives deep into her personal journey, her inspirations, and her strategies to foster a culture of innovation at InnovateMR.  

2. Grit Daily Podcast: Lisa Wilding-Brown, Chief Executive Officer at Innovate MR: Real People Answering Your Business Questions For Better Data-Driven Decisions 

Key TakeawayBusinesses face challenges in collecting and analyzing data, especially when it comes to response rates, so it’s important to know how to ask the right questions to obtain accurate and meaningful data.  

Lisa delves into her experiences and perspectives on the future of market research, the evolving role of technology, and the importance of embracing innovation. She shares her thoughts on market researchers’ challenges and opportunities today, emphasizing the need to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape and leverage emerging technologies to deliver even more impactful insights. 

3. Medium’s Authority Magazine: Women of the C-Suite: Lisa Wilding-Brown of InnovateMR,”  

Key Takeaway How to believe in yourself, overcome imposter syndrome, and surround yourself with a supportive network for personal and professional growth.  

In this compelling interview, Lisa offers valuable insights and advice on what it takes to succeed as a female leader in the C-suite, highlighting her five key elements for success. 

4. Medium’s Authority Magazine: Lisa Wilding-Brown of InnovateMR on Cybersecurity Compliance in the Age of AI Threats.”  

Key Takeaway: In an ever-evolving technological landscape, we must prioritize cybersecurity education and awareness. Learn how organizations can become more proactive in defending their organizations against AI-powered cyberattacks. 

In this series, Lisa discusses the evolving challenges of cybersecurity and provides valuable insights on protecting data in today’s digital landscape. She touches on InnovateMR’s commitment to ensuring data security and privacy for their clients and ways we can stay ahead of emerging threats and protect the integrity of market research. 

Lisa continues to ignite a spark within the market research community, encouraging professionals to question conventional practices and embrace innovative approaches. Her mindset and relentless pursuit of excellence inspire us all to reach new heights and reshape the future of the industry. 

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