Using Positive Reinforcement to Build MR Panelist Strength at InnovateMR


“And the winner of the ‘First Rate Finisher’ award goes to….”

Award season in Hollywood is from November to February each year, but in our Calabasas, California office award season is mid-December. This year marked our second annual Holiday Awards and End of Year Panelist Gala when we recognize outstanding members of our super-powered panel PointClub.

First Rate Finisher is just one of many awards we give, highlighting everything from most completed and approved surveys to our panel members who help us improve by sharing their insights directly with us.

Another Step in Preparing our Panelists for Success

InnovateMR believes better panels produce better results, and engaged panelists provide better, faster answers. Is that possible? To obtain both fast and accurate results in the current MR space? Most definitely! One of the reasons we are so enthusiastic about our proprietary PointClub panel is the continuous education and guidance we provide through fun and interesting engagement.

Expanding on PointClub’s Unique Experience

Panelists sign up for a wholly unique experience when they sign up for membership with PointClub. PointClub members enter the world of PointClub HQ where Captain PC cheers them on, Lady PC guides them toward optimal success, Dennis the Overseer scowls fiercely when they go awry, and The Watchers help them become survey superheroes to answer distress calls seeking knowledge.

Our clients’ surveys are the meat and potatoes, but we offer our panelists a buffet of other goodies to choose from. If surveys are the main course, then our social engagement program is the sweet dessert. Panelists actively participate in quizzes, polls, and other interactions via our social media side of PointClub through which they can earn points and often just have fun. All the while we are passively educating them on the best practices of thorough response to open ended questions, the importance of thoroughly reading a question before answering, and other common panelist pitfalls.

Do Good. Get Good.

2018 was our debut award program, so every panelist and member was surprised when they saw their names as recipients of any given reward. But in 2019, those who had watched the 2018 awards knew what to expect. This time, many watched with anticipation to see if they made the cut this year. Some did, and the amazing part was that some of those who didn’t voiced their desire to work harder and maybe… just maybe… be on that award marquee in 2020.

Creating a Vested Interest

For our panelists and members, our Holiday Awards and End of Year Panelist Gala is a fun and exciting way to see their names and earn some extra points.

For our clients, the benefits are long term.

  • Repeat winners from 2018 to 2019 show panelist longevity. They are invested in PointClub and invested in the voice they provide.
  • A vested interest inspires longevity and consistency.
  • Invested panelists equate to quality data for our clients.
  • Quality data gives you the answers you need, based on carefully groomed panelists who know the importance of what they do.

We refuse to settle for the norm, for the ‘just like every other survey site’ data churn machine. We strive to create an environment and panel that gives our clients the best possible data. As quickly as possible.

Join us in December 2020, and until then… fly high, Survey Superheroes!”