Self Serve Sampling

DIY sampling with the InnovateMR platform is fast and keeps you ahead of the competition. Our proprietary platform delivers results faster than traditional ways of procuring samples - without sacrificing quality.

Features & Benefits

  • Feasibility: Get real-time pricing and feasibility
  • Quota controls: Never pay more than you want
  • Cost-effective: No platform or user fees
  • Deeper profiling and targeting of survey respondents
  • Compatibility with all survey authoring tools
  • Detailed project reporting
  • Use more than one source of sample
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Easy-to-Use Interface

Not all platforms are designed with you in mind. Ours is dramatically more intuitive than competitors. Just log on and click to create a sampling job. The powerful platform is incredibly easy to use – no wasting time trying to figure out how to use the interface.
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Manage even the most complex sampling projects from start to finish all within one powerful platform. Regardless of the size or scope of your sampling needs, our Self Service platform  delivers speedy results to help you uncover valuable insights from consumer audiences.

Our sampling solution is designed by market research professionals who understand quantitative research and its particular needs.

Perks™ lets you earn an instant rebate for buying sample. Each time you buy an audience sample, the amount spent accrues monthly, and you achieve Perks reward tiers. Each new tier increases the percentage of instant rebate rewards received. At the end of every month, we’ll automatically reduce your monthly invoice using Perks earned in prior months.

clients love us


“So far my experience has been wonderful. In fact, we’re launching a 5-cell study as I type. Your client service team absolutely worth their weight in gold. The UI is user friendly with only a few things I’d change. The ability to add the custom profile question is a game changer. Overall, I’d give the platform an A grade, and I have been telling colleagues about it.”
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