Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)


Buyer API

Need survey respondents without contacting our managed services team? Access InnovateMR’s research network via API to connect with millions of engaged, richly targeted respondents worldwide. The system offers seamless integration for instantaneous programmatic access to survey respondents to fulfill your research needs. InnovateMR makes it easier than ever to access flexible, customized solutions at competitive rates.

Supplier API

Do you have traffic you’re looking to monetize? The InnovateMR partnership program offers a gateway to thousands of high-converting surveys each day. With your traffic and our survey inventory, we deliver cutting-edge solutions to address global business challenges through market research surveys. Maintain control of the member experience and user rewards, while benefiting from improved engagement, increased value per member, and higher conversion rates.

Text Analyzer API

The Text Analyzer™ is a cutting-edge solution to ensure that rogue responses and poor-quality data do not dilute research insights through our intelligent algorithmic assessment of open-end responses. The Text Analyzer API allows your company to directly integrate with this solution to reduce fraud and increase respondent quality, in real-time.

Across many languages, the program checks for commonly observed issues found in open-end data including:

  • Gibberish
  • Profanity
  • Copy/paste action or bot scripting
  • Spelling errors
  • Timing/Genuine human behavior
  • Duplication across records

In addition to the variables outlined above, the tool utilizes a proprietary algorithm to ensure responses are contextually relevant to the question being asked. Flexible whitelist functionality allows for a customized set of acceptable words and phrases that are relevant to your research needs. Reduce data scrub rates by more than 50%, integrate with InnovateMR’s Text Analyzer API today!