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InnovateMR Appoints Market Research Leader Kristin Luck to Board of Directors Seat


CALABASAS, CA – InnovateMR is thrilled to announce the appointment of renowned market research leader Kristin Luck to the Board of Directors. She will join the team as InnovateMR’s resident industry advisor, driving forward the company’s core mission of faster, high-quality answers.

“I could not be more excited about Kristin’s appointment and what her extensive expertise can bring to the InnovateMR team. Her deep experience in the market research industry, coupled with her trailblazing focus on diversity and cutting-edge product development, are simply unparalleled,” InnovateMR CEO, Lisa Wilding-Brown, said. “With Kristin’s sage guidance and support from CIVC Partners, we are well-positioned to continue our company’s exponential growth and innovation.”

About Kristin Luck, InnovateMR Board of Directors Member

Kristin Luck is a serial marketing technology and services entrepreneur with three private equity-backed exits. She is known for building innovative technology-led companies that scale quickly through non-traditional sales and marketing techniques. She began her career as the co-founder of OTX, an online research business that was named the fastest-growing research firm in the world in 2002 and 2003 ($0-$30M in three years) and was subsequently acquired by Zlenick Media Group and Pilot Group in 2005, and again by Ipsos in 2010. She then founded Forefront Consulting Group, a research technology firm that was acquired by Decipher. Decipher was acquired by FocusVision/Thompson Street Advisors in 2014 after seven consecutive years of double- and triple-digit growth. FocusVision was acquired by EQT and merged with Confirmit in 2021 to become Forsta, where she sits on the Board of Directors. Forsta was then acquired in March 2022 by Press Ganey.

“It’s a tremendous honor to join InnovateMR’s Board of Directors with industry forerunners that are so future focused. I look forward to working closely with the board and the team at InnovateMR to co-create the next generation of research products and services,” Kristin said.

In addition, she is currently President and Founder at Women in Research (WIRe), serves as President of ESOMAR, is Founder and Advisor at Scalehouse consulting, and sits on various other boards, including InsightsNow, Rival Group, mTab, and The Nature Conservancy.

About InnovateMR

InnovateMR is a fiercely independent sampling and ResTech company that delivers faster answers from business and consumer audiences utilizing technologies to support agile research. As industry pioneers, InnovateMR connects organizations with targeted audiences around the world and develops forward-thinking products to support informed, data-driven strategies and identify growth opportunities.

InnovateMR’s newest award-winning product collection, the Vision Suite™, offers researchers a comprehensive collection of next-generation products designed to execute against all aspects of the research process, including survey design, sample procurement, field management, fraud mitigation, and reporting. Our proprietary platform delivers results faster without sacrificing quality.

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About InnovateMR – InnovateMR is a full-service sampling and ResTech company that delivers faster, quality insights from business and consumer audiences utilizing cutting-edge technologies to support agile research. As industry pioneers, InnovateMR provides world-class end-to-end survey programming, targeted international sampling, qualitative and quantitative insights, and customized consultation services to support informed, data-driven strategies, and identify growth opportunities. Known for their celebrated status in customer service and results, InnovateMR combines boutique-level service with extensive global reach to achieve partner success.