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InnovateMR + Ivy Exec: A New Era in Quantitative and Qualitative Sampling and Expert Networks


InnovateMR’s acquisition of Ivy Exec addresses the next crucial evolution of the research landscape. By combining various insights methods into a cohesive research experience, our team offers a more comprehensive understanding of market targets. We understand that this strategic partnership holds the potential to redefine industry standards and set new benchmarks. With innovation as our driving force, we united quantitative and qualitative offerings to present clients with a mixed-method approach, allowing us to execute all-encompassing projects. In this blog, we share the intricacies of our alliance, shedding light on our individual histories, the strategic acquisition that brought us together, and the enhanced capabilities we now offer and continue to build upon.

Two Paths Converge 

It’s important to step back and examine the distinct contributions of InnovateMR and Ivy Exec as standalone entities. InnovateMR has long been a fiercely independent sampling company, pioneering online surveys to uncover insights for businesses and consumers worldwide. On the other hand, Ivy Exec carved a niche for itself as a qualitative B2B Expert Network, providing invaluable insights to businesses seeking precision and expertise. These two distinct paths converged in a strategic move, bringing together the best of both worlds.

A Fusion of Strengths

The collaboration between InnovateMR and Ivy Exec goes beyond an acquisition; it represents a strategic alignment of strengths and expertise, aimed at creating a holistic solution for the evolving needs of the market research landscape. InnovateMR, known for its ability to deliver faster answers through innovative online surveys, identified a potential for growth by integrating qualitative depth and an Expert Network into its offerings. Ivy Exec, a resume-vetted Expert Network of over 2.5 million professionals worldwide, found InnovateMR the ideal partner to amplify its impact and contribute to a more nuanced and comprehensive research methodology. Together, InnovateMR + Ivy Exec produce indisputable award-winning quality, reach, and client services, demonstrating strength as a united force in the market research industry. 

The Acquisition: A Strategic Move Towards Holistic Insights

The turning point for both InnovateMR and Ivy Exec unfolded when InnovateMR strategically acquired Ivy Exec. This acquisition went beyond a conventional business deal; it was a purposeful step driven by a clear vision — to forge a unified force capable of delivering comprehensive and integrated solutions to clients. The reasoning behind this acquisition was deeply rooted in a shared commitment to providing unparalleled insights through a holistic approach. 

One year into the acquisition, InnovateMR and Ivy Exec have demonstrated the success of the merger. We have effectively surpassed the traditional divide between quantitative and qualitative methods. Our effective integration of these approaches has provided clients with a more comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior and market dynamics. 

Synergies and Benefits: Beyond Consolidation

The partnership between InnovateMR and Ivy Exec has unlocked a myriad of benefits for clients, market researchers, and business professionals alike. One of the key advantages is the seamless blending of InnovateMR’s proficiency in quantitative research with Ivy Exec’s qualitative expertise and data assset, the Ivy Exec Expert Community. This synergy ensures that clients have access to a comprehensive and more nuanced understanding of market dynamics that goes beyond the surface level.

Post-acquisition, InnovateMR and Ivy Exec stand united, equipped with enhanced capabilities to tackle the complexities of modern market research. This collaboration provides clients with a broader toolkit, combining the speed of quantitative surveys with the depth of qualitative insights. The global reach of both entities has expanded, enabling them to serve a diverse range of clients with tailored solutions and fostering a more nuanced and inclusive approach to research.

Future Outlook: Pioneering Innovations in B2B Market Research

Looking ahead, the unified entity envisions pioneering innovations in B2B market research. The combination of InnovateMR’s quantitative research solutions and Ivy Exec’s qualitative prowess positions us as leaders in the industry. The future holds the promise of groundbreaking methodologies, cutting-edge technologies, and a continued commitment to delivering faster, more insightful answers to the ever-evolving questions of businesses and market researchers.

Explore Integrated Market Research Services

The partnership between InnovateMR and Ivy Exec marks a transformative chapter in the world of market research. Clients, market researchers, and business professionals now have access to a comprehensive suite of services that redefine the standards of insightful decision-making. The integration of qualitative expertise with quantitative precision represents a step forward in addressing the multifaceted challenges of the business landscape. 

Discover how our hybrid research approach can provide you with a competitive edge in navigating the complexities of the business landscape. 

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