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QRCA 2024 Review & Takeaways


Our very own Chris Young, Vice President of Business Development, and Alex Baranpuria, Senior Vice President at Ivy Exec, embarked on an enlightening journey as they attended the QRCA 2024 conference in Denver, CO this past week. They not only presented “Enhancing Participant Experience via Mixed Method Research” during the event but also served as our dedicated “Reporters on the Scene.” They immersed themselves in the wealth of qualitative knowledge and emerged ready to share key takeaways from the conference sessions. Let’s dive into the captivating insights they gathered!

Chris and Alex presented on “Enhancing Participant Experience via Mixed Method Research,” drawing insights from the 2017 GRIT Consumer Participation in Research (CPR) findings. They explored the critical importance of understanding and improving participant experiences in research, delving into the significance of leveraging mixed-method approaches. The presentation not only covered the why behind participant experience matters but also provided practical advice, urging researchers to enhance the participant experience by asking three key questions directly to their participant source. Additionally, they discussed technologies that support mixed-method research, emphasizing the instrumental role of advanced tools in creating a positive and seamless environment for both researchers and participants. This approach, they argued, is essential for fostering a more engaging and enriching research journey for all involved parties. To discover more about mixed methods and access the complete presentation, connect with our team here!

The AI Odyssey: Navigating Today and Tomorrow

Alex Baranpuria was an active participant in the noteworthy session titled “The Good, The Fad, and the Scary: AI In Qual Today and Tomorrow.” Speakers Sidi Lemine and Mara Sandberg, explored the accelerating role of AI in human intelligence. This session not only unraveled the mysteries of AI but also showcased its diverse applications, dispelling the myth that AI is synonymous with ChatGPT. Alex’s attendance ensured a firsthand exploration of key insights and emerging trends in the ever-evolving landscape of qualitative research and artificial intelligence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Relax, AI is just getting started.
  • Focus on what you love, delegate the rest.
  • Seek specialists to enhance your work safely.

Tales of a Reformed Qual-a-Holic: Embracing Quant!

Chris Young absorbed the insights shared during the session titled “Tales of a Reformed Qual-a-Holic: Embracing Quant!” where Kendall Nash served as the presenter. Kendall’s revelations about the delightful surprises in quantitative research, the unique contribution of qualitative researchers to enhance quantitative studies, and the growing demand for qualitative methodologies post-pandemic resonated with Chris. This session brought insightful takeaways in understanding survey design, base sizes, tables, banners, and real differences. Equipped with insights from this session, Chris is poised to enhance InnovateMR’s approach by infusing qualitative principles into quantitative research endeavors.

Key Takeaways:

  • “Quant is not so black and white!”
  • Having a Qualitative background proves invaluable for creating a holistic view in Quantitative research.
  • Researchers benefit from a holistic understanding of their preferred methodology (Qualitative or Quantitative) and a basic familiarity with other methods. This versatility allows for a customized approach to conducting research.

The dynamic duo of Alex and Chris ensured that our team’s presence at QRCA 2024 spanned diverse sessions, promising a well-rounded assimilation of insights and expertise. The QRCA 2024 conference was indeed a melting pot of insights, where the convergence of AI and qualitative research promised a future of deeper understanding. As we reflect on these sessions, we’re excited about the prospects that lie ahead and the collaborations that will elevate our collective expertise. Stay tuned for more updates, and let the qualitative journey continue! Read more about qualitative research here.

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