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The Multicultural Insights Collective: How Words Matter for the Future of Work Webinar


In 2021, The Multicultural Insights Collective undertook a groundbreaking year-long research project named “Words Matter.” This comprehensive initiative, comprising four distinct phases, aimed to unearth best practices for communicating about racial justice, diversity, equity, inclusion, and representation both internally and externally.

Our esteemed collective, featuring industry luminaries such as Lisa Wilding-Brown, Kerry Edelstein, Michaela Mora, Damion Taylor, Delphyne Lomax Taylor, and Candace Hokett, diligently explored various facets of communication and its impact on fostering a more inclusive and equitable environment. Following the success of the “Words Matter” project, we are thrilled to announce our next research endeavor – a deep dive into the future of work through a multicultural lens.

Webinar Overview:

To kick off this exciting new chapter, we invite you to watch our webinar, “How Words Matter for the Future of Work.” This session serves as a platform for our collective to share invaluable insights derived from the “Words Matter” project, shedding light on how strategic language choices can influence workplace equity and elevate overall business outcomes.

Key Themes Explored:

Navigating the Future of Work Through a Multicultural Lens:

Our collective explores the intricacies of how the future of work is evolving with a specific focus on multicultural perspectives. By examining the intersection of cultural diversity and professional environments, we aim to provide actionable insights for organizations seeking to thrive in the evolving landscape.

Original Research Findings:

Drawing on the extensive research conducted during the “Words Matter” project, our team will present original findings that uncover the nuances of effective communication related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Attendees can expect data-driven recommendations that go beyond generic guidelines, offering practical strategies for implementation.

Managing Backlash: Understanding and Overcoming Skepticism:

In the pursuit of workplace equity, it is crucial to acknowledge and address potential backlash. Our webinar will equip participants with a nuanced understanding of different personas of skepticism, offering tailored insights to effectively manage resistance and foster a more inclusive organizational culture.

Researching and Implementing Multicultural and DEI Initiatives:

Building on our collective’s wealth of experience, we will guide on researching and implementing successful multicultural and DEI initiatives. From data collection methods to practical implementation strategies, our experts will share actionable steps for organizations to cultivate a more inclusive workplace.

Check out the “How Words Matter for the Future of Work” webinar as we embark on a journey to uncover the intricacies of workplace communication in a multicultural context. Be prepared to gain valuable insights that will empower your organization to navigate the evolving landscape of the future of work with confidence and inclusivity. Together, let’s shape a future where words truly matter.

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