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Quirk’s London 2023 Review


One of the most anticipated events in the market research calendar, Quirk’s London, has certainly delivered yet again in 2023. Hosted May 3-4 at the London InterContinental O2, it was an excellent hub for professionals to connect and reconnect from all over the world. With diverse audience members including end clients, industry experts came together to shed light on emerging challenges, exciting opportunities as well as the newest trends in technology and methodology. There were over 50 sessions with a packed exhibit hall, giving attendees plenty to explore.

The top takeaways from the InnovateMR team:

  1. Emerging new Tech – There are exciting opportunities for researchers with the rise of AI, ChatGPT, and insight automation. Technology is changing, making leaps in just the last few months, and demands attention. It is important we stay ahead of changes and industry trends to provide accurate insights and future-proofing to our clients.
  2. Traditional market research methodologies are here to stay. It is a constant balance of how much science and how much research is used in today’s storytelling. However, 95% of storytelling today use traditional/ classic methodologies while carefully layering in new innovations.  
  3. Blending methodologies will ignite growth – Blending quantitative and qualitative methodologies allows you to view the real people and human stories behind your numbers. It will help you better holistically understand how to drive business growth, without having to focus exclusively on statistics or exclusively on an opinion.
  4. Emphasizing the importance of staying up to date on trends within our sector, globally, which only helps in driving innovation and adapting to new consumer preferences.
  5. Sustainability – This year, 98% businesses are aiming to orient themselves to champion sustainability goals for the protection of our planet. Understanding how the concept of sustainability have evolved over time, what it means today, and how organizations can design and articulate an approach around sustainability is going to be a top purchasing concern for your audiences.

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