Consumer Panel​

InnovateMR has a rich history of building global specialty panels that scale to the needs of market research companies and their studies. InnovateMR supports research in more than 90 countries. Our commitment to quality means extensive screening and validation, resulting in a superior sample to meet your research needs.

Why is our consumer panel better?

  • Panelists are recruited from a diverse blend of channels to ensure representativeness, including both online and offline publishers, social networks like Facebook, web and SMS databases, advertising networks, and television ad placement.
  • We focus on creating a positive panelist experience, building strong relationships to encourage honest, thoughtful, and engaged survey responses.
  • We use a dynamic profiling system that captures and localizes data points based on geography.
  • We track respondent behavior longitudinally using advanced algorithmic solutions designed to evaluate their profile on an ongoing basis, which ensures accuracy and authenticity is maintained.
Real People. Quality Data. Faster Answers.TM