Business Panel​

InnovateMR helps connect researchers to a global network of verified B2B professionals, enabling organizations to stay attuned to the marketplace. From IT decision-makers to contractors, Innovate’s unique recruitment strategy and extensive firmographic profiling allows you to reach even the most niche target audiences. B2B market research can be challenging and complex to execute, partner with the experts at InnovateMR to help make your next project a success.

Why is our B2B panel better?

  • We employ a multi-pronged approach to quality with over fifty technological checks designed to test authenticity.
  • We capture phone numbers and perform outbound caller verification.
  • Our screening utilizes Microsoft taxonomy, the standardized approach to workforce classification.
  • We utilize custom-designed workforce-related red-herring questions to help test authenticity and expertise.
  • We use third-party sources such as LinkedIn to help validate the information our panelists share.
  • We have developed an algorithmic approach that looks at various behaviors, previous responses, and external sources. This solution delivers a “Biz Score” and helps our team assess ongoing quality.
Real People. Quality Data. Faster Answers.TM